Ossipee Lake Alliance Director Named To State Committee

Concord – June 21, 2011 — Ossipee Lake Alliance Director Bob Reynolds has been appointed to be a public member of the New Hampshire Exotic Aquatic Weeds and Species Committee. The appointment was made on June 6 by State Senate President Peter Bragdon and was announced at the Alliance’s Lake Representatives Forum on June 11.

The Exotic Aquatic Weeds and Species Committee, known in state government as the Weeds Committee, was established in 2004 by RSA 487:30 to study the spread of exotic aquatic species in state waters and to advise the N.H. Department of Environmental Services (DES) on control and eradication methods.

Reynolds has spent more than 30 years in the environmental industry as a specialist in the remediation of hazardous waste sites. His consulting company, Spectrum Management Associates, advises companies on government contracts in the environmental and construction markets and has offices in New Hampshire, Florida and Ohio.

Named to Ossipee Lake Alliance’s Board of Directors in 2008, Reynolds last year chaired two local forums on the lake’s natural mean high water benchmark – the so-called ‘410 Rule’ – that led to legislation reducing the benchmark from 410’ to 407.25’.

Outgoing Exotic Aquatic Weeds and Species Committee Chairman Dick Drisko said he met Reynolds at last year’s State Milfoil Summit. After legislation passed to increase the public’s representation on the Committee, Drisko nominated Reynolds.

“I was impressed by his professional credentials and the scope of his knowledge about the state’s milfoil challenges,” Drisko said. “He is going to be a wonderful addition to the Committee.”

The Exotic Aquatic Weeds and Species Committee is comprised of five members of the House of Representatives, one member of the Senate and three members of the public. This month, State Senator Jeb Bradley, who represents the Ossipee Lake area, became the Senate’s member of the Committee, and Merrimack State Representative Chris Christensen replaced Drisko as the Committee’s Chairman.


  1. Peg Nichols 10 years ago June 21, 2011

    Congratulations, Bob!

  2. Ossipee Lake 10 years ago June 21, 2011

    There was an hour-long show on NHPR this morning about milfoil in state water bodies. It included Amy Smagula of DES, Rep. Chris Christensen of the Weeds Committee, and Ken Marschner of the Wofeboro Milfoil Commitee. You can listen to the broadcast online at http://www.nhpr.org/battle-over-milfoil.


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