Water Quality Monitoring

vlapWater quality monitoring is one of the primary ways scientists assess the health of our lakes and rivers. It’s a long-term activity, meaning that fluctuations from year to year are less important than trends deduced over time.

In assessing Ossipee Lake’s water, the Alliance works closely with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) and local organizations, especially Green Mountain Conservation Group. At the center of water quality monitoring activities is the state’s Volunteer Lake Assessment Program, known as VLAP.

With training and assistance from DES aquatic biologists, volunteers annually provide boats and time to help collect deep-water samples from designated locations across the Ossipee Lake system in accordance with strict scientific protocols. The state analyzes the samples and tracks the results year to year.

Links to the latest VLAP reports for the five major water bodies in the Ossipee Lake system are provided below.¬†Additional information about the VLAP program can be found on the state’s VLAP website. Older reports, including those for surrounding waters, may be accessed from Green Mountain Conservation Group.

Learn to read a VLAP report at this link.

Learn more about Ossipee Lake’s deep-water spots here.

The latest VLAP reports for the Ossipee Lake system:

Ossipee Lake
Danforth Pond
Broad Bay
Leavitt Bay
Berry Bay