The Smart Report – Before Sandy

Freedom — October 29, 2012 — As of  Sunday evening (10/28/2012) Ossipee Lake Level is reported to be 406’ above sea level.  With all gates open, it has taken about 6 days to drop the level from 407.25 (Summer Standard) with little or no rain to keep the level up.

I was at the dam last Monday. All stop logs appeared to be out and all five south side gates were wide open.  I use the term “appear” because I did not walk the entire length, as flow over the concrete was uniform. However, the State report shows a 160 cubic foot surge in flow rate on Friday with flow rate declining to pre-surge level in about a day. Looks like a reporting error. The point being that both sides of the dam have been wide open for more than a week and the lake level is going down as fast as natural flow restrictions will allow.

Lake level at top of the north side dam (stop logs removed) is 405’.  Level drop after 405’ will depend on flow through the south side gates that will remain open all winter.

I will report again after “Sandy” departs. Per email just received from the Freedom Select Board, we may receive up to 6” of rain by end of the week. This could result in the lake level going several feet over the normal summer level by this time next week.

Bob Smart


  1. Freedom Resident 12 years ago October 29, 2012

    As always Bob, thank you for your reports.

  2. Mat Collins 12 years ago October 29, 2012

    Thank you for the update Bob.

  3. joe walbridge 12 years ago October 29, 2012

    Bob, Thankyou, Joe


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