We focus on programs that have a measurable impact, promote volunteerism, and increase public awareness of lake issues. Many of our efforts are partnerships with state agencies and local and regional organizations. You can recommend new programs by contacting us at

Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality affects humans, plants, and wildlife, making accurate information important for local land planning and resource protection. With the help of DES and local volunteers and environmental groups we conduct annual deep-water tests on the lake through the Volunteer Lake Assessment Program, known as VLAP. You’ll find more about this program, including test results, by accessing this link.

Ossipee Lake Milfoil

Invasive weeds are a serious problem on Ossipee Lake. We organized the first voluntary programs for commercial and non-commercial boat ramps, and have arranged for dozens of Weed Watchers to be trained to spot new infestations. Tri-Town budgets now ensure that annual control efforts are planned with the state and funded. Read more about our activities here.

State Milfoil Issues

Milfoil infestation is a long-term state environmental threat with serious implications for tourism and property values. Yet Concord legislators have repeatedly failed to create a sustainable, equitable plan to pay the cost of containing milfoil once it has invaded a body of water. Ossipee Lake Alliance has been at the forefront of creating awareness of this issue. Read more.

Lake Representatives Forum

Our Lake Representatives Forums are periodic public meetings of individuals, businesses, and state and local officials to discuss lake issues pertaining to our area. The forum allows people from all parts of the lake system – including the surrounding ponds and rivers – and residents of the surrounding communities to help set our goals. Click here for a list of forums we have hosted.

Tales of Ossipee Lake

The lake’s human and natural history is an endless fascination, and exploring it is the purpose of the Tales of Ossipee Lake program. This series of occasional public events has featured speakers on topics ranging from ghosts to rare plants to vanished resorts. See a list of previous programs here, and sign up for our email news service to be informed about new Tales events as they are scheduled.