We focus on programs that have a measurable impact, promote volunteerism, and increase public awareness of lake issues. Many of our programs are partnerships with state agencies and local and regional organizations.

Milfoil Programs

Invasive weeds are a serious problem for Ossipee Lake. We helped organize the first Lake Host program to create awareness and conduct inspections at boat ramps, and we have trained dozens of volunteers as Weed Watchers. Today, our three lake towns are fully engaged in keeping milfoil in check and preventing new infestations. Read more here.

Cyanobacteria Watch

Warming temperatures and increased phosphorus have made cyanobacteria blooms more common on the lake. While most are harmless, some blooms can be toxic, and the toxicity can be spread in the water and even through the air. A single bloom of toxic cyanobacteria can cause neurological damage, which is why swimmers and dogs should avoid affected areas. Read more here.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality affects humans, plants, and wildlife, making accurate data important for land planning and resource protection. With the help of DES, local volunteers, and environmental groups, we conduct annual deep-water tests on the lake as part of the Volunteer Lake Assessment Program. See test results here.