About Us


What We Do
We are a full-time volunteer organization dedicated to preserving and protecting Ossipee Lake and its bays, rivers and surrounding ponds as a unique recreational, environmental, and economic asset. Through our website, online news service, and social media outlets we reach and interact directly with thousands of property owners, visitors, businesses, and state and local officials to promote the careful stewardship and shared enjoyment of the lake.


Why an Alliance?
Various property owner groups formed as the lake was developed in the 1940s and 1950s. These lake associations served as social outlets, but occasionally organized around environmental issues, on which information from local sources was often scarce. In 2003, long-time lake residents David Smith and Susan MacCarthy Marks created the Alliance to bring the lake’s three towns and diverse lake associations together as lake stewards to identify important issues, share information, and work on common goals.

olna-clean-up-003What We Have Accomplished
We brought the Lake Host and Weed Watchers programs to our shores, and pioneered milfoil hand-harvesting and suction vacuuming to supplement chemical treatments. We successfully lobbied our local towns to make milfoil removal a permanent line item in their annual budgets. Our persistence with DRED ended 40 years of damage to Ossipee Lake Natural Area and resulted in a model management plan balancing recreation and preservation. In a major survey we revealed for the first time how little the state pays for milfoil control, and how lake communities without the means to pay on their own are allowing the invasive weeds to spread. We continue to be the primary source of news about our lake with a goal of creating transparency in information and decision-making on all key issues.

How We Work
As a 501(c)3 New Hampshire corporation in good standing, our work is managed by volunteer co-directors who report to a Board that reflects the lake’s diverse communities. Our team members are listed here. In addition to working with volunteers from the area, we work closely with state and local officials and local environmental and conservation groups. Our annual funding comes from individual donations, and our annual financial reports may be accessed here.

2016-07-02-17-20-34Making Memories
Ossipee Lake is a special place where memories are made, and you have an important role to play in keeping it that way. Can you volunteer to work? We need people to collect water samples and look for invasive weeds. You can also interact with the lake community by signing up for our email news service and posting your opinions online. If you use Facebook, we’re there too.

Our donor campaigns raise the money we need to operate, but you can make a tax-deductible donation at any time and in any amount. Just click the Donate button at the top of this page or use the one on our Facebook page. Most employers will match your contribution, so please ask your HR Department at work.

We will work with you on making a long-term bequest to support our work, or to establish a Memorial Fund in the name of a loved one. Contact us at info@ossipeelake.org for these purposes.