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Ossipee Refuses to Bow to State on White Pond

The state owns a small boat ramp on White Pond, but Ossipee’s highway department has been repairing it for years, citing the state’s “negligence.” DES says the repairs have degraded the lake water and should not have been performed without a permit. Now it has given the town a deadline to clean things up.

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State Removes Berry Bay Cyanobacteria Advisory

The warning was issued on June 22 after the state collected water samples at the head of the Ossipee River dam. Cyanobacteria are natural components of water bodies worldwide, but blooms and surface scums may form when excess nutrients are available to the water. Potential acute health effects include irritation of skin and mucous membranes, tingling, numbness, nausea, vomiting, seizures and diarrhea. No further blooms have been observed in this area at this time, according to the state.

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Ossipee Admits It Erred with Meeting Venue

Ossipee’s town attorney told a Superior Court judge the Select Board is committed to developing a plan to prevent the kind of crowding that occurred at the November 28 special town meeting, at which some people were kept outside during the discussion. The court will consider the town’s plan at a review hearing in August or September. The town attorney also said discussions to resolve legal issues between the town and Camp Sokokis seller Dianne Sheehan are proceeding, with responsibility for legal fees still on the table.

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