The Smart Report: Labor Day 2016

Freedom—September 2, 2016—As for the lake level, this has been a good summer with no big changes to write about. The level has remained at about 407.25 (the summer plan) since May. There were a few heavy rainstorms that brought the level up a few inches, but quick response in opening the dam (a little) took care of that. We can expect the level to remain at 407.25 until winter drawdown starts after Columbus Day (Monday October 10).

Boat activity on the north end of Broad Bay was quieter than I remember in previous years for no obvious reason.

Off the lake, the ongoing repair of Ossipee Lake Road will be done by end of October. It was opened to thru traffic on Monday. The Hannaford renovation in Ossipee continues, but everything is open—and larger.

Bob Smart

The Smart Report: Labor Day 2016

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  • September 3, 2016 at 10:45 am

    It is so nice to read such a positive report about our beautiful lake!

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