Campground Operations Expanded by Freedom Planning Board Vote

Freedom — January 16, 2004 — At its monthly meeting last night, the Freedom Planning Board voted to approve an application by Totem Pole Park to expand its annual operating season from six months to 11 months, subject to a final plan to be submitted by the campground’s attorney.

In essence, the vote authorizes a change in the campground’s 1988 agreement with the town that authorized the owners to sell lots on the property as “condominium units” subject to a number of concessions, including a limited operating season of six months. Since the agreement, the park has evolved from a focus on tents and pop-up campers to trailers and recreational vehicles that have the capability of being used year-round. The campground has 459 sites on more than 90 acres on the big lake and has a thriving property rental business during the summer season.

The campground will now be closed only in March. Owners who intend to use or rent their premises must register with the campground’s management by November 1st and provide evidence of a safe heating system in their unit. Before voting, the Planning Board also addressed the fire, water system, and snow plowing issues identified at the December 18th meeting at which the application was first presented and discussed.

The Board’s approval of the application does not change the residency restrictions imposed by the 1988 agreement. Those restrictions prevent lot owners from using their property ownership to claim town residency.

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