Price Appeals Marina Case to Supreme Court

Freedom — January 28, 2004 — Kevin Price, principal owner of Ossipee Lake Marina, has appealed to state Supreme Court to overturn the recent Superior Court ruling that upheld the town of Freedom’s denial of additional boat storage buildings on his Broad Bay property.

The appeal comes as a surprise to long-time observers of the case who had assumed that the Superior Court ruling, announced three weeks ago, was the final word in the matter. It was noted at the time that Price had already made plans to store boats in Ossipee after receiving a variance from that town to construct two two-story 200’ by 50’ storage buildings and a new 100’ by 50’ boat sales showroom on Route 16. Ossipee’s approval of the variance was conditioned on a number of specific conditions, including how often the buildings have to be painted.

Price’s latest appeal delays final resolution of legal issues that began in 1997 when he purchased the Marina out of receivership and began expanding it, angering Broad Bay property owners who documented an array of violations of state and local laws on the property and took their case against the expansion to the public in March, 2002.

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