Freedom Rejects Zoning Change, Approves Milfoil Funds

Freedom — March 10, 2004 — By a substantial margin, Freedom residents voted against the two amendments to zoning proposed by the Planning Board which would have permitted much larger houses to be constructed in protected areas. The vote was 56% against and 44% in favor.

The amendments received wide publicity after the Carroll County Independent published letters to the editor by Berry Bay property owners Jean and Ian Marshall and by the directors and board of Ossipee Lake Alliance stating that the amendments would substantially relax height restrictions for non-conforming properties, something that was not apparent in the way the amendments were worded.

The Independent subsequently published an article on the topic and stated that they had been unable to reach members of the Planning Board for comment.

Voters also ear-marked money for a contingency fund for milfoil prevention and for water quality monitoring. In a very tight Selectmen’s race, former ZBA chairman James Breslin edged out Paul Dorian by five votes.

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