Hearing Held On Deer Cove Application

Ossipee — June 16, 2004 — Abutting property owners and others opposed to increasing the number of boat moorings at Deer Cove were in the majority at yesterday’s state hearing on the matter, according to an official who was present. The hearing was the result of a request to the state by Deer Cove Condominium Association to approve another 15 moorings at their location, which would bring their total to 34.

A representative of the Association, which has 40 members, said at the hearing that there were 19 people on the group’s waiting list, adding that their state-approved mooring total compared unfavorably with that of Mountview, a residential development on the opposite side of the lake.

Those who spoke against granting additional moorings cited water safety concerns, noting that boat traffic in the area was already congested. Deer Cove is noted for its calm waters and is a magnet for water sports, from kayaking to waterskiing.

The application will be held open until Friday, June 25th, for written comments from the public. Comments may be submitted to Benjamin Frost, Senior Planner, NH Office of Energy and Planning, 57 Regional Drive, Suite 3, Concord, NH 03301; and David Barrett, Director of Safety Services, 31 Dock Rd.; Guilford, NH 03246.

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