Alliance Website Viewing Hits New High

Ossipee Lake Alliance marked another milestone in its development when visits to its website topped 700 in July. The figure is nearly triple the number of visits recorded during the same time period last year. The site,, offers up-to-the-minute lake news and in-depth information on issues affecting the lake.

July’s viewing statistics are in line with the month-to-month growth that the website has experienced this year, according to Alliance vice president and co-director Susan Marks.

“Last year, our website traffic was driven by specific issues such as the discovery of milfoil in Phillips Brook and the proposed changes to the Freedom zoning ordinance. This year, people appear to be checking the site regularly to make sure they’re not missing anything.”

In addition to using its own resources to cover the lake news, the Alliance reprints stories from the Carroll County Independent, the Conway Daily Sun, and other papers. Distribution of the news is primarily through the e-mail news service called Ossipee Lake News, which is available at no cost by clicking the Lake News e-Mail link on the home page of the Alliance’s website.


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