The Smart Report: Notes from the Lake

Freedom — April 4, 2004 — I was down on my path to the lake around noon today. Water is high enough that I can not get onto the beach or platform for dock ramp. Very quiet, no significant water movement.

I have about 20′ of open water between shore and the ice sheet. This is the winter ice sheet with ATV tracks in all directions. It is floating with the top about 1″ above surrounding water.

Looking down at the lake about 8 AM this morning I saw a beaver swim by, heading north. Saw another one around 9 AM. This one dove under in front of my beach. Never did see it come up.

I was at the dam around noon today. The flow is fantastic with a roar so loud you could not have a conversation with another person. Gates remain open on both sides. On the south side, water is coming over the top of the open gates. No ice visible on the pond to the west. No blockage in the dam openings.

Got back home about 6:30 PM and did a visual check from the house. Looks like level came up another 4″ since noon. We had some mild wind out of the west but ice sheet did not move. Water is now starting to show up in the ATV tracks so the ice sheet may be breaking up soon. Bad news is prediction for heavy rain on Thursday.

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