The Smart Report: Notes from the Lake

Freedom — April 6, 2005 — Just finished a conversation with Chuck DePew, who has an accurate reference point at 407′. Tuesday morning (04/05/05) on North Broad Bay at 8 AM the level was 409.7′; at Noon yesterday the level was 409.8′; at 8 pm the level was 409.7′

Did not quite make my prediction of 410′. Looks like the level has crested and is starting to go down. Rain continues to be in the forecast for Thursday evening and Friday morning but volume may be less than originally predicted.

Chuck reminded me that level on the big lake may be higher than Broad Bay because most of the streams and rivers flow into the big lake and there is a narrow channel from the big lake to Broad Bay that limits water flow. There is a full ice sheet on the big lake as well as Danforth Ponds and Broad Bay.

Wind picked up from the West and then from the North today. So far I continue to have open water in front of my beached dock sections but the distance changes from hour to hour.

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