Publication Aims to Keep Milfoil Out of Ossipee Lake

Freedom — July 18, 2005 — A new pamphlet that is available in dozens of area locations will help reinforce the message that boaters need to inspect their watercraft each time they enter or leave Ossipee Lake.

The publication is part of Ossipee Lake Alliance’s Exotic Species Prevention program, which has enlisted a majority of the owners of the lake’s private and commercial boat ramps in a broad effort to increase public awareness that milfoil is spread by boats.

The theme of the pamphlet is that milfoil inspection should be a part of every boater’s launch list along with checking the gas tank and life preservers. It is different from previous publications that have been distributed by the state because it focuses specifically on Ossipee Lake.

A map inside the pamphlet shows the lake’s infested areas where weed removal efforts have been taking place since last year. Boaters are advised to use caution in such areas to prevent their props from chopping up the milfoil and spreading the fragments, which can start new plants. Removing milfoil from Ossipee Lake costs thousands of dollars annually.

Copies of the pamphlet are being distributed at a majority of the lake’s ramp locations, including marinas, campgrounds and residential developments. Copies are also available at town offices, libraries, and select businesses. Lake property owners who rent their homes are encouraged to obtain copies for renters who bring a boat to the lake.

The pamphlet was jointly funded by Ossipee Lake Alliance and the N.H. Department of Environmental Services. Addition information on the program is available online in the Programs section of the Alliance’s website at

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