Freedom Community Survey Results Released

The Town of Freedom is updating its Master Plan, which was originally written in 1987 and last updated in 1992.

Master Plans, which set the foundation for making decisions or setting policies about roads, development, facilities, conservation, and other town matters, are required by State statute.

Community surveys were sent to 2,801 residents and property owners in June. The surveys covered population growth, land use policy, local economy, roads, facilities, historical preservation and conservation. Respondents were given the opportunity to comment on the Town. In July, the Lakes Region Planning Commission tabulated the 734 surveys which had been returned.

Almost all the respondents had lived in Freedom or owned property there for more than 11 years. They thought the Town was managing development well, but land should be protected from housing development.

They also said the town should strictly enforce its zoning and code regulations, and seasonal campgrounds that are converted to condominium should conform to lot size regulations. While the Library got high ratings, other town facilities did not fare so well.

The complete survey results and comments will be also available to anyone who requests it by emailing Or you may click here to read it.

Anyone interested in getting involved in Freedom’s Master Plan is invited to the next meeting, which will be a screening of “Growing Greener.”

This video features Randall Arendt, an award-winning land-use planner and site designer who is at the forefront of “conservation planning.” Arendt’s approach balances housing development with open space, greenways, and wildlife trails, thereby preserving a community’s rural feel.

This screening will be at the Freedom Library on Wednesday, August 31st, at 6:30 PM.

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