Another Beach?

Ossipee — September 4, 2005 — Bill Fortier of Nichols Road came in to talk with the Selectmen [last week] about an access to Ossipee Lake off Nichols Road Extension.

He asked about the ownership of Nichols Road Extension which goes to the lake, as well as the proper use of the land where the road reaches the lake. Having researched deeds back to the 1800s, he said, he can find no mention of the road.

Fortier said he has seen the land used as a beach and as a boat launch and he does not believe it can safely be used for both purposes.

Recently, he said, “I watched someone unloading a jet ski and practically just run over a child.”

[Selectman] Skehan said he believes the road developed into a boat access from land that used to be called common land, and has evolved into a town boat launch from that.

Merrow said if it has been used as such by the general public for more than 25 years, he does not believe it can be stopped now. He asked if Fortier was trying to shut it down.

“I would try to limit it,” Fortier said, because he does not believe it is safe. “Is it a beach or a boat access? I would like to find out who it really belongs to.”

Fortier, who has lived on the road for five years, says he has not seen much change in usage over time. The selectmen said they would look into the matter.

The site is listed in town recreation flyers as a boat access to the lake with no swimming allowed.

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