Public Hearing Scheduled On Totem Pole Park


A meeting of the Freedom Planning Board will be field on Thursday, September 15, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. at the Freedom Town Hall. The following will be heard:

Public Hearing pursuant to RSA 676:4-a II concerning revocation of the “Notice to Amendment of Subdivision Approval for Totem Pole Park, a Condominium Campground” dated 08/19/05 as recorded at the Carroll County Registry of Deeds on 09/03/04 as Book 2336 Page 0609.

The Freedom Planning Board’s reason for revocation is that motor vehicles have been registered in violation of Item #3 of the agreement which states:

“This recreational campground use, by definition, is intended for temporary occupancy for recreational dwelling purposes only, and, therefore, no occupant of the campground, other than the manager in residence or the owner or tenant of the Commercial Unit or the owner or occupants of Unit 46 may establish residency or domicile at the campground. < No campground site occupant or owner, solely because of such occupancy or ownership, may register to vote, register a motor vehicle, enroll children in school, gain entitlement to any state or municipal welfare benefit or otherwise use the occupancy at the Totem Pole Campground to establish domicile or residency in the Town of Freedom, New Hampshire.”

“If any Totem Pole occupant, other than occupants of the manager’s unit, the Commercial Unit, or Unit 46, establishes residency or domicile or receives any benefit or privilege arising from domicile or residency as set forth above, such a circumstance shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this approval and shall entitle the Town to revoke this approval or take any other enforcement action authorized by law.”

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