The Smart Report: Can They Hold the Line?

Freedom — May 12, 2006 — Friday Morning. At 8:30 this morning, Steve Doyen at the state posted a notice on the web that three more gates will be opened at 9 AM. Water flow is expected to increase from the present 615 cfs to an estimated 1250 cfs. With 2 gates open the last several days the water level has declined a few inches and is now at 406.9′ which is exactly in the center of the plan for this time of year.

I visited the dam Thursday at noon. Water level was just below the top board (about 6″ from the top). My notes indicate top is 407.25′.

We have experienced light rain the last few days with no increase in lake level. Each day the prediction line for heavy rain Friday night and Saturday has been moving north. Looks like we may get real wet. Prediction for the next 10 days is mostly light rain.

NOTE: If the dam is closed, an inch of rain can result in up to a one foot increase in lake level within four days. It all depends on level of surrounding lakes, ponds and rivers and area of rain coverage.

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