Water On Its Way to Summer Level

Freedom — May 4, 2006 — After a steady but slow drop in the lake level during the last half of April, the dam was closed last Sunday afternoon. All stop logs are in on the north side, and four of the five adjustable gates are closed on the south side.

The official water level (measured on the northwest shore of the big lake) has gone from 405.65′ to 406.24′ Wednesday evening (approximately 7″). The level went up 2″ from Sunday to Monday evening, and then a slow, gentle rain began that added the other 5″.

Rain ended early Wednesday evening, and Thursday was dry, warm and bright sun. Not much rain is forecast through early next week. From Wednesday night to Thursday morning the lake came up another 3″. I expect several more inches in the next day or so. As of today, less than 9″ to go before we reach summer level.

Actual increase in height appears to be greater as I watch the waterline creep closer to the shoreline. Causes me to remember the days when the kids would knock over a partial glass of milk and on the tabletop and it would look like a full quart. More rain is expected on Saturday or Sunday.

Included with this report is a current copy of the “Operating Rule Curve” Chart, which illustrates the plan that will be followed for decisions on adjustment of the dam gates. As of tonight (Thursday) the water level is now up to this operating plan.

If you are interested in an up-to-the-minute report on dam operating plans, water level and flow information go to the Dam Bureau at www.des.state.nh.us/RTi_Home/pemibaker.asp and click on desired location. For the news flashes, go to the top of the screen and click on “Current Watershed Operation Information”. You can get to this same screen by going to http://www.des.state.nh.us/RTi_Home/operations_info.asp?name=pemi. Rather than trying to find this web site code each time you would like information, load it in your favorites and you are just a click away.

The lake water is crystal clear, a few boats are making waves and my grandson caught a 20″ salmon that is now back in the lake looking for more worms. Also, the black flies are back but not bad yet.

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