Scary, Smelly and Just Plain Odd


Freedom — July 3, 2006 — They’re the outcasts of the animal world: the ones that slither, the ones that smell and the ones that swoop through the night in the dark.

Some of them have names – snake, pig and skunk – that are used to describe the worst in human behavior, and just thinking about bats is enough to drive some people, well, batty! But how much of what we think about such animals is true? And should these unloved creatures really be feared and avoided?

Find out at 7:30 PM on Saturday, July 8th as Ossipee Lake Alliance presents “Animals With Bad Reputations,” a free Tales of Ossipee Lake event co-sponsored by Calumet Conference Center.

Animal specialists from the Squam Lake Natural Science Center will be on hand with live examples to debunk myths and dispel notions about some of the least lovable, least cuddly animals on the planet.

The presentation will be outdoors under the big tent on the lake, so mark the date for this great night of entertainment: Saturday, July 8th at 7:30 PM at Calumet Conference Center.

Calumet Conference Center is on Ossipee Lake Road in Freedom. Directions are online at or call 603-539-4773.

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