Town May Create Runoff Plan

Freedom — June 30, 2006 — Looking to the future and the well-being of Ossipee Lake, zoning enforcement officer Ned Hatfield asked the selectmen for their support for a project that has been on his mind for a while. Hatfield said that he has been concerned with runoff of water from roadways into fresh water bodies, such as Ossipee Lake.

He said he has spoken with somebody at the state about the issue, who agrees runoff should not be going into bodies of fresh surface water. Not only could any leaking oil or gas end up in the lake but any salt or nutrients could also.

In his conversations with the person from the state, Hatfield said there might be money available to treat the problem, and said he was encouraged to talk with different organizations and conservation commissions in the area to also get involved.

Hatfield said there is no plan to treat the runoff yet, but there will be a meeting in mid-August to discuss the problem and find out who is interested in being involved in creating a solution. He asked the selectmen whether they would be supportive of such a project and be willing to provide town equipment if necessary.

Chairman Les Babb said he thought the project was a good idea and important. The quality of the water in Ossipee Lake is what the town depends on for money generated from tourism, he said.

The board agreed with Hatfield overall but pointed out that it was illegal for the town to do any work on any property other than town property. However, if there was money available, the town might be able to hire someone to do the work on other properties, if necessary.

Hatfield said he had at least two places in mind for the work. On Ossipee Lake Road, he said there is a culvert that goes under the road and empties about 10 to 15 feet from the lake, but there is so much runoff, it creates a gully on the way to the lake. Another spot is on West Bay Road. Hatfield said he has had preliminary discussions with landowners near a problem area, and he said they are willing to contribute, also.

Selectman Jim Breslin said he would be interested in going to the meeting in mid-August, also. Hatfield said he would get back to the board when he had more details about the meeting.

Hatfield will also be contacting Joan Richardson at the Carroll County Conservation District and making contacts with someone from the Chocorua Lake Association about a project that group did to reduce the influx of nutrients and pollution from Route 16.

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