The Smart Report: Trick or Treat?

Freedom — October 31, 2006 — Experienced strong winds and 2.25″ of rain during the last several days. No obvious wind damage in our area or the area from here north and east. Have not traveled the other directions since Thursday.

Water level in Broad Bay came up to 408.7′ or about 17″ above summer level of 407.25′. I do not know if it is trending up or down from that level. The state website is not displaying water levels or flow rates.

A week ago the level was approximately 406.5′ and even lower a week before that. I have not been to the dam for more than a month so do not know the status but expect it is close to full open.

I asked Mother Nature for a small flood so I could get my docks all of the way up onto the beach. I was tired of winching over the dry lake bed. She complied but can stop now.

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