Robin Hood to Build New Lodge

Freedom — December 28, 2006 — The owner of Camp Robin Hood received an approved site plan review from the Freedom Planning Board to renovate an existing building on the property as well as construct a new building. The planning board approved the site plan at their last meeting on Thursday, Dec. 21.

At the November meeting, Andy Drummond representing the camp said the new building will house the lodge, and the older building will be renovated to contain the infirmary. The lodge will be an open truss structure that will be used mainly to house rainy day activities and meetings to take pressure off the use of other buildings.

The Saxon building, a residential hall now, will be renovated to house the infirmary, Drummond said. The owners intend to tear down the existing building down to the floor joists and completely rebuild. The new space will include space for a maximum of 23 people (sick campers and staff) with a quarantine room.

Building inspector Paul Dorian said he was happy to see the changes, at the same time expressing concerns that signs will be put up, and emergency vehicles will be able to maneuver and navigate on the property. He said many of the buildings there are too old and in need of major repairs to bring them up to safety code standards. Drummond said there is a resurgence taking place at the camp, and that “[the new owners] are there for the long term.”

The board approved six waivers and conditionally approved the site plan requiring the applicant to show the proper orientation of the new building. Because two lots had not been merged, the location of the building would have to be reoriented to meet lot setbacks.

Waivers included mapping abutters’ septic systems and wells, delineating individual parking spots, locating the high water mark on the map, and including a snow removal plan.

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