The Smart Report: Year-End 2006

Freedom — December 29, 2006 — Tonight (Friday) was the turning point from a liquid to a solid on much of the Ossipee Lake/Bays surfaces. We had skin ice on the north end of Broad Bay yesterday morning, clouds most of the day and very little wind so there is a good start for a complete ice cover.

Outside temperature down to 10 above and predicted to go lower. Most of the protected water bodies and part of Crystal Lake have been iced over for a week or more. Should be the first good snowmaking at King Pine. Visiting family did ski there Wednesday and Thursday nights but no snow on the tube run.

Water level has ranged from 409′ to 405′ since the official winter drawdown started on Columbus Day. At the end of October the level was up to 408.7 and remained high through most of November.

By the time I finished my Christmas shopping on Saturday, 12/23 the level was back down to 405.3′. We then had rain Saturday night and most of the day Sunday plus another half an inch on the 26th which resulted in a steady rise of water level to 406.3 by Thursday morning.

If weather predictions for the next ten days come true the level should fall about 3″ per day. If the ice cover does not melt, we will end up with a sloped layer of ice on the shoreline before hikers and ATVs can get onto a flat surface. Should be good conditions for some home video recording.

There is some tracking snow in the shaded areas. Town plow has made two practice runs so far this year. Paved roads and parking lots are clear and dry.


Saturday morning update: Thin layer of ice on the north end of Broad Bay this morning. Light snow started about 9 am and may build to 1″.

Picture postcard event when you look out to the lakeshore. Lake lovers should be here. Happy New Year!

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