The Smart Report: April’s Nor’easter

Freedom — April 19, 2007 — Our Ossipee Lake area weather since Sunday took place just the way the weather people said it would. WE GOT THE SPRING DUMP BY MOTHER NATURE.

Prior to Sunday us local, year-rounders were complaining that the snow should stop, the weather warm up and the ice go off the lake. This all started to happen after church on Sunday and the fix (rain) did not stop until Wednesday afternoon. Total was 5” or more. My rain catcher remains dry and warm in the basement and I am not certain about the accuracy of government measurements.

Net results:
1. From Sunday night to Tuesday night the level went from 406.3’ to 411.5’ on the big lake. The level continued to rise until noon today (Thursday) when it crested at about 412.2’. That is about the same level reached in early April last year. I tried to pull into the state launch area on Rt. 25 Tuesday but the water was up to the pavement. When I drove by the same area today, the water level is down below the parking area.

2. My dip stick measurement of North Broad Bay today is 411.7’ and was confirmed in a conversation this afternoon with Tim at the marina. Water has just started entering the service center building. In a flood the big lake crests higher than the bays because of flow restrictions out of the big lake.

3. Some ice remains on Broad Bay and it is holding at least 3 kayaks, some dock sections, a large navigation marker and lots of logs. Looks like the kayaks are coming from the racks at the beach club on the northeast end of the bay. I have no way to get out there because my rowboat is upside down on my floating dock in 6’ of water at the end of a mooring line. It was beached Sunday morning and I was hoping for enough water to float it out for the summer.

4. I drove into Long Sands about 2pm today. Turned right (east) and went about three houses before finding the road completely covered with water. Backed out and went west with no problem. Lots of standing water in low areas but the houses appeared to be above it all. There appeared to be a complete ice cap on this end of the big lake.

5. I then visited the dam – WOW – The flow of water is much greater that my visit two days ago on Tuesday. There is a wooden marker on the upstream side, north wall of the mechanical gates. The level is up more than 2’ since Tuesday. This time I saw chunks of ice and a few sticks going through the opening. Perhaps there was an ice jam some place up stream that is now open.

6. Danforth Bay was completely ice covered Wednesday. Today coverage is about 50% with open water near the shore.

Wednesday evening we drove north on Rt. 153 and it was clear all the way to Conway (some sections were closed on Monday). Some water flowing over the road but no washouts or danger. The lake at Purity Springs and Eaton continue to be ice-covered. Except for shaded areas and plow piles, the snow is gone. Not much standing water in my parking area so I think the frost is out.

The sun has been out all day. Our outside temperature got up to 58 and Sunday is predicted to reach 80. Don’t tell the black flies about this warm weather.

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