The Smart Report: Before Memorial Day 2007

Freedom — May 20, 2007 — As of noon Saturday (05/19/07) water level has approximately reached the summer level of 407.25′. I cannot give you the official measurement because the Saturday data is not on the website.

Since the flood of late April the water level has been going down. Both sides of the dam have been open since last November.

During the last two weeks the dam authority has been closing south side gates, one at a time in an attempt to stop the decline at 6″ below summer level and begin a return to 407.25′ by June 1st. Last Tuesday noon the last gate was closed.

On Wednesday we had moderate rain all day and the water level began to rise. The new weather prediction warned of rain all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a total of 3″. Local flood warnings were issued for the SE portion of NH, including Ossipee.

Thursday noon gate #5 was opened, almost doubling outflow volume but the water level continued to go up. On Friday the prediction changed and the flood warning was lifted. Something about going out to sea. Friday ended up being dry most of the day and only a few sprinkles today. We dodged the bullet again.

The dam authority made a good decision on Friday to keep the remaining four gates closed. Sure glad it is not my job to determine when and how much to open and close the dam or do the work.

As of this weekend the plan is to install stop logs on the north side some time this next week. It all depends on the weather predictions.

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