Town Fines Marina for Alvino Road Violation

Freedom — August 23, 2007 —According to the selectmen, Zoning Officer Ned Hatfield has found Ossipee Lake Marina in violation of their agreement with the town for restricted usage of Alvino Road and the usage of lot 42.

Hatfield wrote in his notification that trucks and trailers had been spotted on lot 42 at the marine on July 8. That same report said that Alvino Road was used as well on that day to remove boats from the marina.

“This is a repeat violation of the previous year, and for this violation there is a fine of $275,” Hatfield wrote. “Future use of these facilities will be considered as a separate violation for each boat or vehicle and an appropriate fine will be assess for each occurrence.”

Hatfield asked the owner to resolve the issue by Aug. 1.

Kevin Price, the owner of the marina, came to the selectmen with a $275 check to pay the fine, “under protest” on Aug. 20. He said he plans to contest the decision once he has received some clarification on the violation.

The board of selectmen agreed to get a letter of clarification on the matter from Hatfield. The board agreed it would be appropriate to hold the check in the safe until the matter had been resolved. Price agreed to that.

Chuck Depew asked the board what would happen now as there is no chain across the entrance to Alvino Road. Price said the fire department “is making us keep it open and maintained.” Babb said the board would hold onto the check, and any other violations could be reported to the zoning officer.

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