The Smart Report: Mid-May, 2008

Freedom — May 16, 2008 — On target – with another two weeks to go for June 1st. The Dam Authority has successfully managed what Mother Nature has given us, and the lake level is at 407.25′ above sea level. This is the goal established in the lake operating plan for the summer. The plan is to hold this level until Columbus Day in October.

The black flies are back so it is time to put the docks and boats in. Very little boat traffic so far this year. The loons are back and making a heck of a noise late most nights. I know of only one snow pile yet to melt.

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  1. Lillian Montalbano 16 years ago May 16, 2008

    Glad to hear that most of the snow has melted. The black flies are an indication that warm weather is not for behind-some of my friends arrived in Freedom last week and they said the temperature drops quite a bit at night. We’ll be heading up end of June–right after the black flies hopefully are gone.
    I look forward to your articles…..thanks.



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