Alliance to Offer Landscaping Tips for Waterfront Property Owners

Freedom – June 5, 2008 – Thinking of landscaping your waterfront? According to the authors of a new book, a little advance planning and a few simple techniques can ensure that your project not only spruces up your property but helps protect the water quality of our lakes and rivers.

Jeff Schloss is one of the writers of the guidebook “Landscaping at the Water’s Edge,” and he and several of his co-authors will be at Calumet Conference Center at 9 a.m. on Saturday June 21 to offer practical tips and techniques on how attractive landscaping and water protection can go hand in hand. The event is free and is sponsored by Ossipee Lake Alliance in association with Calumet, Ossipee Conservation Commission and Green Mountain Conservation Group.

How you approach waterfront landscaping is important because the state-protected shoreline buffer area is the last line of defense in protecting water and wildlife. Whatever drains from your property will work its way into our lakes, rivers and wetlands. The typical threats from shoreline development come from soil erosion, exotic plants and nutrient and pesticide runoff – all of which can be avoided by picking the right plants and using the book’s easy to follow techniques.

In fact, Schloss says an ecologically-based landscape design is important for all types of properties in the Ossipee Watershed, not just for waterfront land. No matter where you live, following the book’s guidelines will result in a landscape that’s attractive, natural-looking and beneficial to wildlife and plant diversity.

Schloss is one of ten UNH Cooperative Extension educators who contributed to the book’s chapters on horticulture, soil types, water resources, turf grass and low-impact landscape maintenance. The writing team also included a professional ecological landscape designer to highlight the most current information on how to create a design and which plants to buy, all of which will be discussed at the presentation.

Copies of “Landscaping at the Water’s Edge” will be available at the event for $20. The book is illustrated with color photographs, paintings, sketches and drawings along with information about state regulations, something that is timely given the changes in the Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act that will take effect in July. Other materials will be available at the event at no cost.

Come at 8:30 to have coffee with your neighbors from the lake and the surrounding towns, and then stay for the presentation. For more information, call Susan Marks at (914) 588-3280. Directions to Calumet Conference Center are online at or by phone at (603) 539-4773.

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