The Smart Report: December 2008

Freedom – December 10, 2008 – Winter has arrived at Ossipee Lake. As of yesterday morning, both the Big Lake and Broad Bay have iced over. There is open water where the streams and rivers come in and some areas along shore have 4 – 6 feet of open water. However, the ice is thin and the prediction of 50 degree temperature plus some rain for today may open up most of the iced over areas.

Our first “tracking” snow of the season was last Friday. We had about 2″ of heavy, wet snow that has turned to glare ice where it was not shoveled (my driveway). Temperature has been down to near zero several nights and not much sun to melt the ice and snow. My metal house roof is clear, but north side of the boat house is snow covered. Roads have been clear of ice and snow.

Starting around 9 am yesterday morning we received another 2″ of snow that made my drive to Wolfeboro scary. The plows were out but no sand. The snow ended by late afternoon.

As for the lake level, it has been the usual up and down. Two weeks ago the level was down to near 406.0. Then we received almost 3″ of rain in one day. The level shot up to 407.9 in two days and then began a gradual decline back to near the 406 level today. The state web site is out of date so I can not give you an exact measurement.

Predictions are for snow late Thursday and Friday but quantity will not be predicted until after the storm – if we get it.

King Pine opens for the season on Saturday. They have been making snow. When we drove by last Thursday everything, including the tube run, was snow covered.

Enjoy the holidays and THINK SPRING.

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  1. Susan Duffield 16 years ago December 10, 2008

    I was wondering if you could help us with info about two area “hikes” We walked to Trout Pond 2 years ago and it was lovely. This past summer and fall we tried to get there again and could not find the pond w! (The trail starts at the end of the road at the campground at Danforth Bay owned by Purity Springs). Two summers ago there may have been a small marker at the point where the trail turns left into the woods and to the pond. This year we could not find it and could not even find what looked like a trail going to the pond! We asked at the camp store , but they only knew where the hike started, they did not know a landmark which would indicate where the turn off should be. If you know where this turn off is , would you get back to me with the info? We would really appreciate it!
    I had gotten info from the internet about the bog trail off Rte. 25, past Abbotts, on the left going toward Ossipee. We found the sign on Rte 25, but could only find a “trail” which paralleled Rte 25. Do you know how to get into the bog trail area? They say there are even boardwalks in this bog trail to get you over the wet areas and they say it is very interesting,, but there was no info about how to get into the bog!
    So, if you have any idea about how to find this trail, we would appreciate hearing from you! My e-mail address is,my address is 103 Hoiland Drive Wilmington, De 19803 and my phone # is 302-762-4297.
    I think your Smart Report is great and we always look forward to your updates.
    Thank you.
    Susan Duffield


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