Denley Resigns After DWI Arrest

Concord — February 22, 2009 — First-term State Senator Bill Denley, who represents Ossipee Lake’s towns and the surrounding area, has resigned after being arrested on drunken driving charges, according to New England Cable News Network, which cited the Associated Press as its source. The arrest was said to be Denley’s third for DWI.

NECN’s website said Senate Republican Leader Peter Bragdon praised Denley while agreeing with his decision to resign. A special election will be held to choose a replacement.


  1. Marcia Spears 15 years ago February 22, 2009

    Was this the election where David Babson was the third person running for the seat?

  2. Buford Pusser 15 years ago February 27, 2009

    Call a cab, moron.


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