Senate Kills CSPA Moratorium Bill

Concord – March 13, 2009 — On a 21 to 2 vote, the State Senate on Wednesday voted down a bill that would have established a one-year moratorium on the Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act, including suspending enforcement actions and permit applications that were in progress. The bill would also have established a commission to study and revise the law.

One of the sponsors of the bill was Bill Denley, the senator representing the Ossipee Lake area who resigned in February.

Critics of the CSPA, including the N.H. Shorefront Association, have argued that the law is confusing and too restrictive.

Another bill, SB 134, which seeks to simplify permitting, remains active in the Senate.

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  1. mike dewitt 15 years ago March 13, 2009

    I hope everyone who owns waterfront property files for a tax abatement for this very reason!


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