Alliance Thanks DRED for Natural Area Leadership

Ossipee Lake Alliance issued the following public letter to local newspapers on June 20:

To the Editor: The new management plan for Ossipee Lake Natural Area is the win-win outcome everyone hoped for but few believed was possible. Under its terms, boaters can continue to gather there with newly defined rules, while efforts begin to restore and rejuvenate the fragile environment.

Credit for the plan belongs to a lot of people, but the list starts with DRED commissioner George Bald, who recognized the need to act and did so; and Natural Heritage Bureau administrator Don Kent, who assembled and successfully managed a diverse working group of stakeholders to bring the plan to life.

The three volunteers from the lake’s boating community were enthusiastic and insightful about the important role they’ll play this summer in spreading the word. No less important were the contributions of the individuals who represented the local business community, the three lake towns, lake and environmental organizations and an array of state agencies. We were delighted to be part of it, and we look forward to continuing this fall when the first season is evaluated.

The management plan can succeed if enough people know about it. A special edition of our summer newsletter was written by members of the working group and can be found under the “News” tab at We’ve mailed close to 2,000 copies of DRED’s natural area pamphlet to lake property owners, and others can find it at local libraries, town offices, marinas and the Route 25 boat ramp.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the state’s purchase of the Natural Area property, and the launch of the new management plan is a great way to celebrate. Please join us in thanking DRED for giving this unique state treasure the attention it deserves.

David L. Smith
Ossipee Lake Alliance

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