Ossipee Lake Marina Issues Remain Unresolved

Freedom – July 14, 2009 – A new review of public documents shows the extent to which state and local issues at Ossipee Lake Marina remain unaddressed, unresolved or tangled in litigation years, and in several cases more than a decade, after being identified.

The summary, which is based on meeting minutes, complaints and written decisions by state and local officials, including court rulings, highlights three main violations of state regulations, two of which are unresolved; and six local land use issues, of which four remain outstanding.

The review of documents also reveals the high level of litigation that has surrounded the controversial business under its current owner, Kevin Price of Londonderry. During Price’s twelve years of ownership, land use issues at the marina have been before a state court judge four times, with a fifth court appearance expected later this year.

The summary report comes one week after Price told Freedom’s selectmen a 2002 zoning board ruling limiting his access to adjacent Alvino Road is illegal and should be dropped. It is the second request Price has made in three years to be relieved of restrictions that were imposed on his business by the zoning board between 1997 and 2002.

The restrictions Price has questioned are conditions that were attached to special exception approvals that the zoning board granted to allow him to make expansions and improvements to his property, which is a grandfathered business in the town’s residential district.

Boat Storage
The longest-running local land use issue identified in the summary report is boat storage, which stems from a 1997 zoning board decision that authorized Price to construct two large buildings for up to 225 vessels on the condition that he keep no more than 10% of that number outside the buildings.

After receiving approval, Price constructed three buildings instead of two. Town officials did not discover the un-permitted building until it collapsed in a snowstorm and the marina owner applied to rebuild it, a request the ZBA denied.

Despite the denial, Price continued to winter as many as 120 boats outside the confines of the two approved buildings, according to a report by the town’s code enforcement officer and complaints filed with the selectmen between 2000 and 2007.

Price sued the town over the boat storage limits in 2002 and lost. But in 2006 the current zoning board agreed to abandon the 1997 limits and authorized “unlimited” boat storage at the site. That decision has been overturned twice by two different Superior Court judges but remains in litigation.

By the end of this year, boat storage issues at the business will have been before a state court judge five times in the past six years.

Lot 42
The small parcel of residential shoreland known as Lot 42 is at the center of another marina legal morass, according to public records. Price purchased the 2.4 acre plot from the DiPrizio family in 1998 and began moving the marina’s operations onto it.

During the first year, a bathhouse was built without required zoning board approval and put into use without a state-required “approval to operate” certificate for the septic system. State-protected wetlands were filled to create a parking lot and shoreline work road, resulting in the marina’s first violations of state regulations.

After being called to account, Price applied to the ZBA in 2002 for approval to use Lot 42 as part of a major business expansion. While the plan was denied by the town, separate “after the fact” approvals were issued for the limited use of Lot 42 for the already-constructed bathhouse and parking lot, an approval that the meeting minutes state was made possible only because the board denied access to Alvino Road from the residential lot.

Price again sued the town and lost in state court in 2003. In the ensuing six years, however, lake residents have repeatedly filed complaints with town officials, saying Price has continued to use Lot 42 and Alvino Road.

Town selectmen are expected to rule on Price’s request to be relieved of the Alvino Road restriction at their July 20 meeting. The 1998 state wetlands violation was resolved in 2003 after Price remediated the damage under DES’ supervision.

Building Expansions
In an issue that has never been explained or addressed, a review of public records by lake residents in 2002 revealed that the building inspector approved permits for the marina between 1997 and 2000 that were almost entirely lacking in required information. As a result, marina buildings in the shoreline district of the property were rebuilt and expanded without the required approval of the zoning board through the special exception process.

The expansions included the fuel dock, the main office building, the maintenance and showroom building, and a small building that was turned into a convenience store, according to records obtained at the time.

In a 1997 example, the town inspector issued a permit that states “rebuild building and rebuild fuel pump house.” The permit lacks a plot plan and contains no information on the work to be performed or which “building” on the property was to be rebuilt.

State Violations
In some instances local issues at the marina have overlapped with state issues, as is the case with the marina’s fuel dock, which was rebuilt without zoning board approval or the approval of the state’s Department of Environmental Services, which has jurisdiction over a variety of matters at the business from wetlands to underground tanks to dock space.

After a close to year-long investigation, DES in December issued an Administrative Order charging the business with violating its state operating permit by rebuilding, expanding and relocating its seasonal boat docks, and rebuilding and expanding the fuel dock.

DES also said Price had illegally increased the marina’s boat slips from 66 to 78 by using the shoreline of Lot 42, creating another instance in which state and local violations intersect. State law requires that boat slip increases have the approval of local zoning officials as well as DES, and Price had the approval of neither according to state and local records.

The December Administrative Order, which was approved by the office of the State Attorney General, required Price to remove his docks and boats from the lake and not return them until complying with the terms of his state operating permit or applying to the agency to modify it.

Instead, Price appealed the Administrative Order to the State Wetlands Council, saying that he had “only recently” obtained a copy of the 1988 state operating permit for his business, and that the permit had, in any event, “ceased being applicable” when it was replaced by a 1993 permit that is based on a 1992 plan, a copy of which he “has been unable to locate” despite “diligent effort.”

In May, DES signed a consent order allowing the marina’s docks and boats back in the water temporarily while the appeal is heard. At the same time, Price filed a waiver request asking DES to approve changes in the size and location of his docks without going through the public permitting process.

The State Wetlands Council has not yet set a date for a pre-hearing conference on Price’s appeal of the Administrative Order, and DES’ Wetlands Bureau has not yet acted on the waiver request, according to state officials.

Most of the public documents in the summary report are available in an online archive that is maintained by the non-profit lake organization Ossipee Lake Alliance.


  1. Pete 15 years ago July 14, 2009

    Kevin Price is trying to run a business that provides jobs for locals, tax dollars to the community and a service that is needed on the lake for thousands of people. Just give the man the opportunity to right the wrongs and move on.

  2. Bill 15 years ago July 14, 2009

    It clearly sounds like Price is someone who subscribes to the theory – better to beg forgiveness than seek permission. All the illegal work done should be undone and the wetlands returned to their previous state at his expense. He should not be rewarded for his actions by allowing what he has done to continue. If the town/state needs to sieze his assets in order to accomplish this – so be it. He knew or should have known what he was doing was going to come back and bite him. No sympathy from me.

  3. Jim 15 years ago July 14, 2009

    Leave the marina alone enough is enough. If that fuel dock was any smaller it would be a hazard

  4. BODYMAN 15 years ago July 14, 2009

    sounds like Price & Charlie Smith outta go into business together….birds of a feather ring ah bell???!!!

  5. charlie 15 years ago July 15, 2009

    How can anyone claim the marina wrecked wet lands. When all I see are these huge disgusting summer homes all over the lake and bays.

  6. Elaine 15 years ago July 15, 2009

    Sounds like a few squeaky wheels are making a lot of noise. I’ll bet the silent majority wants the marina and leave it alone, let it do business–it brings in boaters, etc.

  7. Bethany Zink 15 years ago July 15, 2009

    Elaine, the sound you’re hearing is from the squeaky wheels who pay the highest taxes in town and comply with state and local laws as a matter of honesty and personal integrity, not as a matter of convenience when it suits them. Some businesses (like some people) are rule followers and others don’t accept rules in general. You’re free to applaud the marina’s track record as a rule-breaker, but saying the “silent majority” would agree with you is far-fetched.

  8. Don 15 years ago July 15, 2009

    Why is it you people are writing stories about the marina all the time, even when the media isn’t? If you truly are here for the betterment of the lake you are focusing in the wrong direction and appear to have a vendetta against the marina. If that’s the case you are not here in the best interest of the lake community.

  9. JIm 15 years ago July 15, 2009

    I agrree with Don enough is enough.

  10. Norm Met 15 years ago July 15, 2009

    OLA and other ‘neighbors’ The chosen few fight their fight. Don Quixote like. They are picking environment to be restored, however they don’t own that land. They have their waterfront and their money and don’t know why others want their’s. That Marina is needed, as is, maybe with more. He’s allowed to earn a living. Maybe he can change the lot to a high-rise apt bldg and bring 350 more families to the area every weekend. Get off your horses the thin air is affecting you.

  11. Mike D 15 years ago July 16, 2009

    I want and need the marina as do many others. Are they perfect, no. I don’t know many who are. Reporting news and manufacturing it are two different things. Let the State resolve what they have to, hopefully the Town will get their act together but I doubt it. Why are people never satisfied unless they are on someone ? Get a life, enjoy the area. Life is too short.

  12. Don Macleod 15 years ago July 16, 2009

    Don’t have a problem with having a Marina. I’m offended by what seems the wink & nod façade of an overpriced, unresponsive and demonstratively inept local government. Fortunately the NH State courts recognize that gamesmanship isn’t self government and have stepped in with some needed remedial oversight.

  13. Bethany Zink 15 years ago July 16, 2009

    I always thought if Kevin Price were running a bottling plant or something as a grandfathered business in the residential zone the town would have sued his ass a long time ago. Whether people need a marina or love this guy is beside the point. He gets away with breaking the same laws that you and I have to comply with (or else the town would sue OUR ass) because he runs a service that people like. None of his defenders have ever explained why it’s OK to have rules that apply to us and not to him. That’s the issue.

  14. Mike D 15 years ago July 16, 2009

    Did I say I loved him ?? (I’m already married) Did I say it was OK to break the rules ?? I’ll have to reread my post.

  15. freedom resident 15 years ago July 16, 2009

    I hope the selectmen fixed the lock on the bathroom door that postponed last meeting. I think there will be a lot of people there on the 20th!


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