Westward Shores Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Ossipee — July 23, 2009 — Westward Shores Campground and Marina has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to principal owner Charlie Smith. As a result of the filing, tomorrow’s planned auction of the financially troubled business has been canceled.

Smith said he hopes the filing will give him time to reorganize and resolve the tangle of legal issues that developed after his primary lender foreclosed on the property in June. He blamed the foreclosure on a series of bank mergers and mortgage exchanges that were out of his control and resulted in a demand for accelerated payments that he couldn’t meet.

In a phone interview yesterday, Smith said the cancellation of the auction should reassure campers who have paid for the season that there is no danger of being evicted by a new owner.

Relations between campers and the owner and his manager, John Hardie, have been strained since May when returning campers were given a memo announcing that the property would be “condominiumized.” Campers were told they could make a $500 down payment to reserve their site for later purchase.

While campers were absorbing the news, a foreclosure auction notice in the Boston Globe was spotted by a camper and posted online, opening a floodgate of public criticism of the campground’s management.

Smith said yesterday that he still wants to proceed with the sale of individual campsites once the business emerges from bankruptcy. Ossipee officials have approved the plan, leaving state regulations to be addressed.

While Smith focuses on the future of the business, life at the popular family-oriented campground goes on as usual. Scheduled for this weekend is a “Christmas in July” contest for the best decorated campsite and a pot luck dinner on the beach, according to the Westward Shores website.


  1. FORMER BODY MAN 15 years ago July 23, 2009


  2. sad 15 years ago July 23, 2009

    This is truly a very sad situation. The campers are just so saddened that this man will not walk away. It’s not that they even hate this man, it’s just his heart is not in it! The camp ground is not a campground where there are activities and people vacationing all week. It’s a deserted area with people casually coming and going. This campground is in desperate need of new ownership. The thought that he want’s to still attempt going Condo – please! There is not one camper there who want’s that at all, just new owners who will put there hearts into it. If Mr. Smith is so concerened about what we want, why not start small, add some activities, an actual arcade, you already have the machines, why not get them up and running. Supply some games for the pavillion a place where children can go and hang out and have fun and stop adding more stupid rules in this very unfortunate time. Christmas in July is a farce! Hardly anyone get’s involved because there is no fun feeling to the campground and the pot luck dinner, the only reason this is happening is because a camper started it last year, not management. We need new ownership and we need it fast! Unfortunately for us, it looks like a long road ahead.

  3. hardee-har-har 15 years ago July 23, 2009


  4. BODYMAN 15 years ago July 23, 2009

    while smith blames the auction on the “bank’ how does smith explain all the small local businesses that he has stiffed and are now stuck in the bankrupt scheme? he also owes the irs and new hampshire revenue administration and public service and fairpoint and the gas company and the oil company and the septic company and the kist goes on and on and on. question again to smith is where has all the money gone since you aint been paying noone? who in there right mind is gonna pay smith a dime when he comes looking next month for next years rents while he is bankrupt? hey charlie heres a tip, get off the phone giving interviews and return the construction equipment to the campground so someones can grade the road that is like a warzone now!

  5. seeya 15 years ago July 23, 2009


  6. Gary Penfield 15 years ago July 24, 2009

    Everyone keeps saying Mark and I agree. The thing I have noticed and been very impressed with during these uncertain times is the way Mark and his wife have handled themselves. In my opinion they are the host and hostess of the campground. They have done a marvelous job and deserve a big THANK YOU from everyone. They always appear happy, they are friendly and very personable and willing to talk to everyone.

    Thank you to both of you.

    Gary Penfield, site E-27

  7. Alliance Staff 15 years ago July 24, 2009

    No more comments in capital letters will be approved. Please follow the rules.

  8. Jim 15 years ago July 24, 2009

    While all this unfortunate stuff is happening I must agree that Mark is making a tough situation tolerable. And has saved summer for us campers and more importantly the kids. Thanks, Mark

  9. john 15 years ago July 24, 2009

    Can’t we just throw this guy out??????????????

  10. Jon 15 years ago July 24, 2009

    i have been camping at wws for 22 years and i dont want to see it go. i would spend my entire summer here as a kid and now being grown up my wife and i want this place for when we have kids. we don’t make much money and i work a second job so that we can have this wonderful place to go to. Mark you and your wife have been doing a great job. wont somebody come and buy this great campground and bring back the labor day races and dance. westward shores is one the best campgrounds around, beaches, sites, location, lake, campers, all we need is an owner that will ensure that we stay a desireable and awsome place to get away from the everyday crap at home. thanks for listening. jon j-13

  11. john 15 years ago July 24, 2009

    This must mean that we have to go across the lake for gas now that the marina will not be able to have gas anymore

  12. Richard 15 years ago July 24, 2009

    I just downloaded the bankruptcy filing from PACER. What a read this is. just a few highlights: they owe $37,500 to the Cable TV company and Charlie owes $33,000 on his Escalade. I didn’t know the Escalade was a campground vehicle. Can we hook a drag up to it this weekend and grade the roads then? but the true surprise, and a real glimpse into the owner’s character is that he is trying to renage on such things as a $100 bill to Granite State Glass, $220 to those poor guys over in Sandwich at Maple Ridge Septic, a $227 bill from Sprint and a measly $117 to Granite State Analytical over in Derry. Can you imagine going to bankruptcy court and trying to screw these small amounts from local small business owners trying to survive this recession? Maybe the great people here at the Alliance can get a copy of the bankruptcy paperwork and truly confront Smith on some of the claims he has been making. I mean let’s be honest, if Smith doesn’t have the cash to pay a simple $100 bill to Granite State Glass, then how does he have the ability to recover and maintain a multi-million dollar campground. By the way, the paperwork claims that Smith owns 75% of the campground and that an individual by the name of Anthony Aversa, M.D. owns the other 25%. There is no claim of John Hardie owning any of the campground!

  13. sarah 15 years ago July 24, 2009

    I believe Anthony Aversa is a dermatologist based out of Concord. Apparently he doesn’t specialize in purple nose syndrome.

  14. Smiley 15 years ago July 25, 2009

    Why won’t we be able to buy gas?

  15. sarah 15 years ago July 25, 2009

    Ran out of last year’s left over gas (good thing with that nasty ethanol percolating away in it) and they are scrambling to find someone that will do business with the campground to make a delivery. Gotta fill it up soon though, the campground’s “Escalade” sucks up a lot of gas, especially with its regular payload!

  16. hardee-har-har 15 years ago July 26, 2009

    sarah you are only half right…they have had 2 gas deliveries recently but you are spot about the escalade and its cargo

  17. sarah 15 years ago July 26, 2009

    My bad hardee….they were able to get a couple of loads based on cash on delivery! Gee, no more “net terms” for the campground….who woulda thunk that!

  18. hardee-har-har 15 years ago July 26, 2009

    its so funny i just called Eastern propane on friday and they told me they would not deliver any propane under WWS and suggested i re-open account in my name….i could show them how to grade the road using the front end loader but then there would be no excuses…still tons of unlicensed drivers on golf carts….thank you to the ever vigilant parents for teaching your little darlings right from wrong

  19. sarah 15 years ago July 26, 2009

    Gee, John Hardy sent a broadcast email to campers Friday saying everything was OK with Eastern Propane….but you are but a number of us that have learned differently from making a follow up phone call. Oh, thats right, the bankruptcy paperwork shows that Hardy has no financial interest in the campground. Hes just a FOC (friend of Charlie).

  20. long time camper 15 years ago July 27, 2009

    And speaking of golf carts,”The Golf Cart Races will be taking place Sunday August 2nd at 10:00am. Tune up those carts and let’s go racing.” Is this really something that they should be encouraging? Oh wait I forgot its the no rules campground.Maybe the next weekend they can support the stay up till 1 in the morning yelling and swearing and being rude to all other campers party.

  21. camper 15 years ago July 28, 2009

    christmas in july did not go to well this year. only one camper
    that i saw was fixed up.maybe the golf cart race will do better
    parents get you kids ready maybee they will have a class fot 13 to 15
    year olds this year.because these kids have much more experince
    than the parents.parents wake up would you let your 12 year old
    drive your big suv out on rt 16 think about it !!!!!

  22. CHRIS 15 years ago July 28, 2009

    It almost sounds like everyone is now going at each other instead of focusing in on the real matter. lets not make this our issues right now. We all know what we can do on our part as far as the young ones on the golf carts. July is just about gone. Lets try to enjoy the rest of the summer on what we have left. Just remember “It is what it is” for now lets all hope for the best, We will get our own accounts for propane and get gas for our boats accross the lake. .

    Your friendly camper

  23. sarah 15 years ago July 28, 2009

    Well what about September 1st Chris? What happens if after we send our payments in the campground goes under? Do you think the new owner is going to say “aw forget about it, next year’s on me”? Of course not. We will all lose whatevedr we paid in september and then have to pay the full rate to whomever the new owner eventually becomes. That’s another dirty little secret that Management is conveniently not telling us about as they continue to grab every dollar they can before they finally go belly up. Believe me, the only one getting paid right now by WWS is the fancy law firm they have on retainer out of Portland. and do you really think those lawyers give a hoot about us campers here at WWS?

  24. CHRIS 15 years ago July 28, 2009

    I hope we find something out before the 1st payment is due. I myself like everone else is wondering that also. until we hear something from a lawer on this matter, I dont think anyone should send any payments out. any one else have a thought on this???

  25. sarah 15 years ago July 28, 2009

    Oh my gosh Chris that’s what Westy said on north beach saturday when I finally met her! She said once the new owners are here she will let everyone know whom she is but she said she will be getting us more info and thast we should all call are own attorneys before payingWWS anymore monies. she said she was also gonna email all the lawyers info for the bank that owns the park so we could ask them what to do too so i hope she sends that info out soon and I got a real laugh when she showed hardy was wrong and let us know about the mess with eastern. we all owe her a big thankyou and once things calm down i am gonna have a party for her at my site for sure once the other guys are long and gone!!! never underestimate the power of a woman scorned!!!!

  26. hardee-har-har 15 years ago July 28, 2009

    lets not jump the gun sarah…there are consumer protection laws in place to protect us but not being a lawyer i’m not sure how they apply….now that wws is under the scrutiny of the bankruptcy court i’m quite sure if he tries to abscond with the deposits he may find himself in the clink

  27. camper 15 years ago July 28, 2009


  28. camper 15 years ago July 28, 2009

    sorry about the caps

  29. sarah 15 years ago July 29, 2009

    Hardee-har-har, WWS is in bankruptcy protection so there are no consumer laws to protect us. More to the point thet are now in chapter 11 to reorganize but if and when, and all bets are on when, they lose the campground then they will change from chapter 11 to a full chapter 7. what does that mean? if you pay him partial or fully for next season and then the go belly up 7, which is very likely, then you do not get your money back you just get at the end of the line with the other creditors and get what little money, if any, is left over after everything is paid off. then the new owners come in and you will have to pay the whole year all over again if you want to stay because they have nothing to do with the defunct company you had already paid. that is why Westy is telling people to check with their family lawyers before giving another dime, to see their other options and truly understand the risk they take paying large amounts of money to a bankrupt company!

  30. The upset camper 15 years ago July 29, 2009

    The other thing we could all do is in September is to let Robert know that you want to put our campers up for sale and that way we would not have to pay and then in the spring take your camper off the for sale list and then pay for your sight in full. any thoughts????

  31. sarah 15 years ago July 29, 2009

    Upset camper, you had me laughing so hard with that one that the coffee came out my nose! all I could think of was…..wow, your thinking just like Charlie now!!! but I really like that idea, I’m gonna email Westy and see what she thinks about it.

  32. jackattack 15 years ago July 29, 2009

    I hope I can help clear a few things up. First, when CS says his payments were accelerated due to the bank (mergers and what not), he is right and wrong. Payments are accelerated when someone goes into default, meaning they are not paying their mortgage. Second, the BK filing will be thrown out and the lender will take over, probably 90 days or so. Sarah was right. If you pay CS for next year (and those payments aren’t turned over to the lender) then you’re out of luck. My advice, don’t pay until after the changeover or put it into an attorney’s escrow account. Third, the lender taking over will be a good thing. Makes sense. They have a vested interest in making WWS the best possible place it can be. Things will be fixed, repaired, all services restored, new things added. It all adds value and to the lender that’s a good thing. At least that’s my experience with lender’s in these situations.

  33. sweating it 15 years ago July 29, 2009

    Has anyone set up a BLOG so the free exchange of information can continue after OLA
    discontinues this string?

  34. sarah 15 years ago July 29, 2009

    I will email Westy and see if she can set up a BLOG but she does keep us informed via the camp email list. If you are a camper and not on the list get ahold of Mark and get added right away. once in awhile Hardy posts somethin there too but then Westy pokes holes in Hardys post and he disappears again. Go Westy!

  35. a summer's breeze 15 years ago July 29, 2009

    Word of advice…just like a rising sun will set, a rolling wave will crash ashore, and loon calls will continue to echo across the lake, the hard feelings at wws will clear. Trust me when I say I have known Mr. Smith for years. His record as a scum bag is impeccable and can be traced back for decades. For all for you who enjoy the privilege and availability of free information online, beware the best sleaze ball Charlie stories can’t be followed electronically, these stories come from the locals. Ask anyone who has lived in the area for the last 50 years and they will encourage you to steer clear of Mr. Smith.

    You may be thinking, what’s the point, what is he trying to say; just like you I came to wws for the experience of camping on Ossipee Lake, I did not come here to get in bed with Mr. Smith and company. I made the choice to camp, and by camp I mean a 40 foot travel trailer with an un-attached, non-permanent screen room deck. I feel for an one who made a 50k investment in a park model structure on land owned by Charlie Smith as you made a poor choice. Please don’t get mad, hindsight is always 20-20.

    I apologize as I stumble trying to make my point. My Advice…Westy, hardee-har-har, sara, and other fellow wws clients…in the words of my son, just chillax. I am sure you are not all lawyers so save your mind and sanity, quit speculating, even if spend days looking at public records I guarantee you still don’t know half the story. Lastly, as far as the comments about the boat gas…really there is more at stake here. Want to know anything about boast gas, just ask around don’t just procure some random incorrect thought.

    As I said before a rising sun will set and a rolling wave will lap at the shore, Charlie with company and this whole cluster f*** will blow over like a lone cloud blocking the sun.
    Please, come join me. I am over at long sands enjoying cold beer, warm weather, and great friends. But wait…leave your wws bs behind, like someone said, it is what it is, and after all didn’t you come up this weekend to save your sanity?

    As I said before a rising sun will set, a rolling wave will lap at the shore, Charlie with company and this whole cluster f*** will blow over like a lone cloud blocking the sun….Please, come join me. I am over at long sands enjoying cold beer, warm weather, and great friends. But wait…leave your wws bs behind, like one of you said, it is what it is, and after all didn’t you come up this weekend to save your sanity?

  36. a summer's breeze 15 years ago July 29, 2009

    sorry, the last paragraph copied incorrectly…

  37. sarah 15 years ago July 29, 2009

    No apology necessary as you make some excellent points. yes many of us that have camped at WWS for a number of years and talked to the locals have taken a lot of ribbin over doing business with charlie & crew, and many of us have experienced the horror stories first hand . but unlike you a lot of us do have expensive units with permanent rooms and yes, hindsight, we were stupid to trust charlie that all would be alright and our investments would be solid. that said there is some real anger out here at what he has done to us and our investments and that anger is only building, you could just feel it in the campground this past weekend and no John it ain’t the weather! so that is why a lot of us cant and won;t leave the WWS BS behind! And once again thank you so much to the Alliance for giving us a voice and for Westy for being the only one being honest and keeping us informed of this disaster!

  38. Fellow Camper 15 years ago July 30, 2009

    Why don’t we all get together at North Beach, hold hands, and have A Summers Breeze lead us in singing Kumbaya My Lord to the Moon??? This is getting crazy! Why don’t we just let the process happen? Its going to whether you want to b*tch or not. I’ve seen the good and bad in Charlie. I’ve also seen how generous John Hardie can be. If they came down on any of you, it was probably deserved.

  39. hardee-har-har 15 years ago July 30, 2009

    hey fellow camper…what good have you ever seen from smith….and hardie certainly is not generous with the truth….what they do give you free drinks at sammy’s

  40. Fellow Camper 15 years ago July 30, 2009

    Actually there have been a few free drinks…similar to the free drinks everyone gave Charlie back in the day when everyone was his friend. Hardie is quiet, but a decent guy; just trying to work through a pretty major issue. Any fact he presents will be construed to whatever you want it to be.

    Enjoy camp people. I’m tired of going up and instead of enjoying friends, I listen to bull from people who just like to sling it.

    BTW: I’ve seen Charlie when someone approaches him with a genuine problem, and he works with that person to help out the situation. Its the times when someone tries to beat the system he doesn’t react well to.

  41. sarah 15 years ago July 30, 2009

    Fellow camper said: “its the times when someone tries to beat the system he doesn’t react well to”
    Yeah, I guess Charlie just can’t stand the competition!

  42. hardee-har-har 15 years ago July 31, 2009

    fellow camper….of course you must know those “””””free”””””” drinks are probably paid for by other campers here at..wws…

  43. The upset camper 15 years ago July 31, 2009

    I cant wait until Saturday Morning, when I can wake up and have a cup of coffee with Toush!

    Lets all face it, Sooner or later this place will be a grave yard filled with broken down rotted out campers.

    Cant we all just get along!!!!!

  44. Long time camper 15 years ago July 31, 2009

    Those of you who say Charlie works through issues with campers have not seen him at his finest. I have witnessed him harrassing and cursing at campers using four letter words. As for his sidekick John, whatever Charlie says John backs him up.

    I don’t blame campers for being upset with WWS. Anyone who is a long time camper knows what this campgroung could be. Before Charlie owned the campground there was no issue with site boundaries. There was always buffer zones of trees and bushes to serve as boundaries and no one ever questioned where the “property line” was. Charlie has allowed trees and bushes to be cut down and fences to be put up. This is not a campground anymore. Before golf carts campers would walk around and speak to each other and join in on campfires. Now not only do you not know campers but you need to dodge carts so that you will not be hit by one. There was a time when you did not need to lock your trailer. I personally would not leave my trailer unlocked to go next door. There are rules but they are not enforced and a lot of the people in the campground know this. They do exactly as they please without and consideration for their fellow campers. It would be nice to go to bed at night knowing that you would be able to sleep and not be kept awake by inconsiderate campers who are loud until early morning hours. There are also teenagers who walk the campgroung late at night who are loud. Where are their parents? Would also be nice to walk in the campground without a golf cart full of teenagers flying by (at more than 5 miles an hour) or adults who are obviously drunk. If Charlie would have spend a little to hire some security, all of these problems would have not come about. The only thing Charlie spends money on are things that will make Charlie more money. There are absolutely no activities for kids (or adults) in the campground. Charlie stated in a recent newspaper article that camping was going on as always (bad to worse). Either he is blind or as many agree just doesn’t care.
    Mark does a great job. But he is only one person. Mark has made a huge difference. The campground is the cleanest it has ever been since Charlie purchased it.

    Our only hope is that the campground will be sold to someone who appreciates the camping experience and cares about people. Westward Shores could be and once was a great place to enjoy and have fun. Many campers have a lot invested in trailers etc. as well as many years of fond memories. Charlie has spoiled all that for many people. Many people have already left because they have had enough of Charlie and many more will be leaving if he finds a way to hold onto his cash cow (campground). What a sad excuse for a human being.

  45. sarah 15 years ago July 31, 2009

    long time camper, no one has said it any better than you. the absolute worst thing that could happen to this campground, besides losing mark, wouldbe for charlie & john to hang on somehow! if charlie had no money this last 2 years to fix anything in the campground or pay his bills all while he was not paying his mortgage where is he going to find the money if the court & bank now force him to pay his mortgage, insurance and bills on time! nothin will get fixed wake up p[eople over a third of the campground is now empty or people are just askin for a measly few thousand dollars to get out! who that is asking 5 or 6 grand for their trailer is going to shell out another 4 or 5 grand to charlie for next years abuses? i bet come after september 1st, you think this place is a ghost town this summer just wait and see. charlie hangin on is just prolongin all our misery. at least john is quiet now after being emberassed so bad after his eastern propane email!

  46. The upset camper 15 years ago July 31, 2009

    John, Where did you purchase that platform for the roof of your camper? I myself and probably a few other campers would like to purchase one also.

  47. sarah 15 years ago July 31, 2009

    Westy just emailed me with some exciting news! the bankruptcy court has ordered that effective immediateltly, at the request of the bank, that charlie has to put all 2010 camping and boat fees in an escrow account that he cant touch without the bank & the courts approval! she is still pouring through the motions that came out yesterday and were just posted but charlie is having his feet held close to the fire by the bank & the court!!! she said she will email out a full update on these latest motions this weekend or by the first of the week as the rain was ending and she & her crew were gonna try to head up to camp tonight. im waiting til things dry out in the morn but ill see you all on north beach tomorrow aftrnoon!

  48. Amused 15 years ago August 1, 2009

    >>>>Sarah :Westy just emailed me with some exciting news! the bankruptcy court has ordered that effective immediateltly, at the request of the bank, that charlie has to put all 2010 camping and boat fees in an escrow account that he cant touch without the bank & the courts approval!<<<<

    This is the nomal progression of events that takes place. That is how bankruptcy works. It is nothing special or new. I have been reading along and hearing people giving others advice on what to do with their payments. Some suggested that they were going to put their money into an escrow account. Doing this in a private individual escrow is not acceptable. A third and impartial party would have to hold the money until a judge made a decision on who owes who what. witholding rent as we all know gets us evicted. A lien can then be put on your property in order for the owner of the rental property to recoup the loss. Just like you see in storage units. People do not pay for the unit and they end up losing their property unless they pay the back rent. The property will not be able to be removed until the owner is paid in full. Also I have heard people talking about putting up their trailers for sale in Sept. to avoid making payments until Spring when they would then take their trailers off the market. The trailers are taking up rental space. It doesnt matter if you are in them or not. You are not paying for the time that you spend there. In other words your obligation to pay rent on the lot would end one of two ways. If the trailer sold or you removed it.

  49. sarah 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    geesh john, we are sure glad that you are “amused” at this mess! so if this is all “normal progression” than why do you and charlie STILL REFUSE to give us any direct information? and when vou do speak, you are mostly proven wrong like the wrong information you gave about eastern propane. you and charlie have zero zero credibility and I can tell you after events up there this weekend people are just getting much more angry and I can tell you for sure that come September you will be lucky if money is even trickling in, court ordered escrow account or not all trust is GONE!

  50. The upset camper 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    Just to let everyone know, I am starting to hate WWS, I am so discusted with all the BS. This so called “my relaxing get away” aint so relaxing anymore. I was taking a walk thru the campground this weekend and the friendly hello’s and the waving has just about diminished. I just had that feeling that everyone’s “relaxing getaway” has gotten away just like the economy. not only are we all struggling to afford this place, but now i see most everyone looks to be miserable, JUST LIKE ME! I wish i never bought into what is now Hell.

  51. camper 15 years ago August 3, 2009


  52. Miss Karaoke 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    Now it all makes sense why the latrines are overflowing as of yesterday. The young man pumping gas at the store said that after calls to the septic company, they still hadn’t come to exchange them in a while. This is unacceptable, totally unsanitary, and I’m sure the Ossipee Board of Health could shut WWS down or cite them for a major violation at least (especially with the latrine so close to the lake and food service).

    Westy, please update your mailing address. I’m getting email from Mark, but not from you. Mark has a more recent list.

  53. Miss Karaoke 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    PS Westy, I mean please update your email addres LIST as I’m not getting any emails from you, but getting emails from Mark.

  54. sarah 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    wonder if they are calling the septic company that they owe thousands of dollars to and listed on the bankruptcy list? i am sure that company aint coming out no more!

  55. hardee-har-har 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    if you think its bad that the porta-potties are overflowing just wait until the campground septic system fails due to lack of maintenance

  56. john hardie 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    I havent posted anything on this website since my announcement about Eastern propane. I am goinng to post something shortly,it is bing prepared by our attys and will explain the whole process and what everyone’s options are.
    I was gratified by the response from “amused”. Finally someone who understands the legal system.

  57. john hardie 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    sarah just what information do you want me to post. if i do post something are you going to believe it anyway?. the thing with Eastern made look like more of a fool. i responded too quickly and with anger and i got burned. you will see an anouncement about Eastern reopning
    the acct shortly. anyone is welcome to stop by and talk to me at anytiime. you don’t have to identify yourself as someone who is posting on this site. about 25-30 people have talked with me so far. sarah,you are welcome also.

  58. Amused 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    Hello John,

    I am glad that what I wrote did not upset you or sound like I was intruding into personal business matters. I could hardly believe my eyes at some of the ideas these people were proposing to do. Obviously they dont realize that WWS is still a business. One that is undergoing restructure. The bank has a dispute with this business that they have an interest in. That does not automatically mean that they are able to take control. While under bankruptcy protection they can not dictate how business continues to operate. Bankruptcy is a show of good faith on the part of the owner(s). They could have just walked away and let the bank do what it pleased and the future of WWS would be more uncertain then it is now. Charlie and his partner were required to list all debtors owed on the day of the filing. That means even the small outstanding bills. Anyone that has an interest in this would have to make a claim against WWS during this process. If they didnt then they would be forfeiting any monies owed to them at the time this is settled. All persons that are listed will be notified that a claim will need to be filed. If anyone had been left off the list it would hold up the process. I am sure you know all of this but I am speaking to those who are unclear of the process. There is a lot more to it and it would take days for me to put it here in writing.

    I just want to say, that I wish you, Charlie and his partner the best of luck.

  59. Sarah Lee 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    Blah Blah Blah……Maybe if the almighty Mark managed like he was supposed to the porta-potties would be emptied. Good managers manage! Hope all the complainers are gone by 2010. enjoy the rest of your summer.

  60. john hardie 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    Sarah lee, Obviously you are a very bitter person who is in misery,as they say “misery loves company” It’s that you don’t want this park to survive even with new owners. Do you realize what you are doing ot the campers who want to remain here as well as the campers you have demoralized and now wish to leave. What do you think your negativity has done to the value of a camping unit here. A person who just sold his unit for about $10,000,less than book value had some really

  61. john hardie 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    sorry, i hit the wrong key, I was saying that a person who just sold at a loss had some really choice words for you and Westy,as did the numerous campers looking forward to the races this past weekend. You may believe,in some twisted way,that you are doing the park a favor, check with other campers outside your little group. My biggest concern is that I’ve let your attacks get to me and now I’m lowering myself to your level. The next time I post here will be with a FAQs prepared by our atty.
    Amused- Thank you for being what you are- a voice of reason and intelligence

  62. sarah 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    well mr. hardie, there is one simple reason that campers are selling their units for a loss. it is due to the incompetence of the owner and schmucks he surrounded himself with, people like you. the reason that campers are selling for a loss is because of the fiscal mismanagement of the owner which has now resulted in the campground being in bankruptcy! it is the bankruptcy that is forcing people to sell at a loss….no one in their right mind is going to pay market value for for a camper in a bankrupt camprground its as simple as that. of course no one believeds your stories anymore your credibility is zero as it should be. Oh and for the faqs by the attorney that coming? remeber people, this attorney represents Mr. smith, not us the campers. this attorney will say anything necessary to protect Mr. smith, why not, Mr. Smith has paid this attorney $115,000 to say whatever necesarry to protect Mr. smiths backside! the only person we can trust is our own family lawyer. don’t forget this weekend people. toilets overflowing. the campground road rutted out like baghdad after the bombing. no supervision. the bottled gas fiasco. problems again with the cable. want another year or two of this nightmare? then pony up your money to charlie and hardie in a couple of weeks and watch your investment go to zero!!!!

  63. john hardie 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    so Sarah, Are you staying or leaving?

  64. sarah 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    i’m staying at least long enough to see the new management give you and your wife the boot!

  65. sarah 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    oops i forgot, you promised that your next post would be the faqs from charlies lawyers. you once again didnt keep your word, do you have any integrity left john?

  66. john hardie 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    last post. this is what i said. you are so consumed with hate that anything posted will be ridiculed and torn apart. all of you will now have to rely have to rely on sarah and westy for accurate and un biased reporting of the facts. I’m done! sarah’s response will be ” there never has been accurate and unbiased reporting”. so my advice is to put your site fees for 2010 into an escrow acct with the bank. they will gladly refund you money if everything falls apart.NOT. Sarah are you working for the bank or someone who wants to buy the park?

    Good bye

  67. sarah 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    my advice continues to be to get your legal advice from your own family attorney as it is apparent, for the simple fact that they let the campground fall into disrepair and bankruptcy, that they owner and his cronies cannot be trusted. I ask you good campers that were there this weekend and witnessed first had the mess the campground has become, do you really believe that john & charlie have the best interest of us in thier heart, or are they scrambling to get whatever cash they can before they are gobbled up by the bank and the long list of others they owe tens of thousands of dollars to? and four the last time, god bless you mark and your wonderful wife, you are the only sanity, the only ones deserved of our trust. how you ever got sucked into this mess we will never know! in the end no more needs to be said, anyone with an ounce of common sense can see whos been telling the truth and opening eyes, and whos been scurrying for cover since day one!
    see y’all on north beach next saturday, just dont get too close to the porta potti for your own safety! yecch

  68. john hardie 15 years ago August 3, 2009

    Sarah, Got you this time! Compare what you said this afternoon at 3:03 to what you just posted. Have a change of heart? Forgot which side to rag on? “God bless the almighty Mark.maybe if he managed like he was supposed to the portia-potties would be emptied”.
    Now it’s “God bless Mark and his wife”. In the words of John Madden “the fat lady just sang”

  69. sarah 15 years ago August 4, 2009

    sorry einstein, I am sara and not whoever is calling themselves “sara lee”. regardless of sara or sara lee the point is because of the campgrounds fiscal mismanagement the toilets are overflowing and instead of telling us that use has an answer to empty the toilets all you want to do is talk about who posted what. thanks john for giving us a prime example of campground mismanagement but at least this time yoaint talkin about guns and gettin shot at. i stand by my claims that mark & his wife are the only sanity at the campground and i will gladly sign the petition we talked about saturday to have the new owners remove you and we have copies of the posts you made about guns and shooting to make our point. oh and the real reason the campground canceled the golf cart races is cause the roads are so bad now that youd get whiplash if you went more than 5 mph but thats another story…the story of “where did all the campground equipment go…wouldnt the bank like to know!

  70. sarah 15 years ago August 4, 2009

    just got an email from westy she is going to update us all tonight with the motions from last week including the escrow account the court ordered and the big list of who they owe money and how much too she says if you need to be added to her mailing list drops a note to wwswatchdog@gmail.com
    and remember after reading johns posts its not just the porti potties that are full of crap!

  71. Amused 15 years ago August 4, 2009

    WWS has been owned and operated for several years now by the same people. The amount of outstanding money owed to debtors is a drop in the bucket compared to what has been paid since it was purchased. That tells me that WWS was not bought as a way to make a fast buck and then run it into the ground.

    You who have an “interest” due to the fact that you have trailers on a lot in the park have a lot less to lose then WWS does. The equity in that property and the investment that has been made into it stand a chance of being take away. Now who in their right mind would think that anyone would invest that kind of money and time into something that they intended to throw away? It doesnt even make sense. We all try make decisions to live within our means and can not forsee the future. I am willing to bet that there are plenty of people who stay at WWS that are feeling the crunch of the economy. It is a very frustrating time for us to live in. Some of us had lived paycheck to paycheck banking on the fact that we would always be able to pay our bills if we didnt go beyond our income. Well when the income is no longer coming in to support all our debts…the reality of it is a kick in the seat of our pants. I am sure that none of you would like it if you were in trouble and people were constantly telling you that it was your fault. Is it your fault that perhaps your employee felt the need to downsize or take away hours of OT so that now your income does not meet your financial requirements? Would it be fair to say that you were responsible for the economic situation that forced your employer to put you in the position you found yourselves in? I didnt think so.

  72. sarah 15 years ago August 4, 2009

    thank you amused, your posts are so amusing. of course those of us actually camping here long enough to remeber the previous owners know that WWS started going downhill immediately after taken over by the present owner and well before the economy tanked. the falling apart of this campground has gone on for years along with the horrible mismanagement of the present owners. mismanagement is due to people, not the economy. people have been leaving WWS for the last two years due to conditions well before the economy tanked. so this debacle is clearly the cause of a long period of mismanagement and was brought to a head by the economy not because of the economy. and anyone that has campeed here for the time we have know that all your smoke and mirrors aside. the quicker the bank takes over or new owners step in and clean this place up and run it like a business the quicker those of us left will see our investment recover. simlpe as that…a new broom sweeps clean!