The Smart Report: After Columbus Day 2009

Freedom — Thursday, October 14, 2009 — Water level was at 407.25’ (above sea level) plan on Monday, Columbus Day, and is now on the way down to the winter level of 404.5’. Today the level is down just below 407’ and continuing to drop at a rate of approximately a foot every 5 – 6 days. The plan is to be at 406’ by early November and 405’ by mid December.

The level was at 407.25′ through much of October, and then we had some widespread rain. The level reached a high of 408.2′ last Wednesday and, reluctantly the south side dam was opened.

The dam had remained closed to protect a 407.25′ level for Columbus Day weekend in sympathy for us die hards who held out to the last hour to get our boats out – a little more protection than we needed. It worked good for me because I got my floating docks up on the beach with very little winching on a warm fall day.

I visited the dam this morning and was lucky enough to meet and talk with the Surveyor and Consulting Engineer who are working on a plan to replace the north side (Berry Bay) Dam. This project was outlined in an Alliance report released April 29th, 2009.

The next phase of this project is to bring in drilling equipment on the downstream side of the Berry Bay dam and do test borings. Water level needs to be below 405’ level so that no water is coming over the spillway for at least a week.

The plan is to start drilling in early November. Concord is working on a plan to accomplish this early level drop. For now, plan that the level will continue to go down and expect the rate may be greater than in previous years.

My advice to the contractor was to put a big rope on all equipment they place below the dam and tie it to some big trees because we almost always have a flood between now and Christmas.

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  1. Don 15 years ago October 15, 2009

    I’ve read these reports for over two years now and have formed an opinion that things happen more quickly on Leavitt Bay when the water starts down, and more slowly when it starts to rise.

    I came up on Monday (Columbus Day) to get my boat out before I had trouble doing so at the ramp I use on Leavitt Bay. When I got here on Monday there were three very distinct waterlines showing on my beach sand. The water lines showed that the edge of the water had receeded more than 48″ since the previous Friday. Although only an estimate, I am guessing that the water was down a foot or so by Monday. Since Monday the water has receeded an additional 40″.


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