What’s Cooking in Freedom and Who’s Cooking It?

Freedom – January 14, 2010 — Have a favorite recipe? You can share it for a good cause – and get other great recipes in return – through the Freedom Community Cookbook project, now in progress.

The project is the idea of the fundraising committee of Freedom’s First Christian Church. But its success, through eventual book sales, will benefit other charitable organizations as well, according to Marshall Kendall, who is in charge of the effort.

“The church is spearheading the production of the book, but other groups can help sell it and receive part of the proceeds,” Kendall said by email.

“That makes this project a little bit different from some of our previous projects.”

Kendall says the book, which he hopes will be out by summer, will contain between 250 and 300 recipes from 50 to 60 contributors and will sell for $10.

It will be available through display boxes at local businesses, like the Freedom Village Store, and through participating charitable groups, which will sell it directly to their members.

Submitting a recipe can be done the old fashioned way by dropping it off at the church or the Village Store. But many will prefer the new way – using the Internet.

Participants can submit up to four recipes at the website www.fundcraft.com. In the upper right-hand section of the home page, type in the “Web ID” – 18407-09nz – and click “Login” (no password is necessary).

Once on the next page, click the large “Shortcut/Online” icon to get to the page where you can enter your recipes following simple instructions.

Marshall, who also heads the town’s newly formed Leadership Committee to increase connections between community groups, says he’s optimistic about the project as well as the church group’s other upcoming events. Those events include a presentation by legendary weatherman Marty Engstrom on January 23 and a “Mile Long Charity Yard Sale” on June 12.

Additional information is available from Marshall and Lucy Kendall at (603) 539-2963 and mklk@mac.com; or from Sarah Millette at (603) 539-4373 and millettes@roadrunner.com.

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