Two Compete for Selectman’s Seat in Ossipee

[Alliance Editor’s Note: The following Q&As with the candidates for Ossipee’s Board of Selectmen are reprinted from the Carroll County Independent’s “Meet the Candidates” column. Ossipee residents will vote on Tuesday, March 9 at Town Hall in Center Ossipee].

Richard Morgan, Challenger
Ossipee Board of Selectmen

Why are you running for office?
I have spent my entire adult life trying to do my part to make the Town of Ossipee a better place to live and raise our families. I have the time, energy, and most importantly the passion, because for all its quirks and problems, I love this Town. I know the Town, its history, and many, many of the residents and I believe that I have a depth of experience that would be helpful to the board.

What qualifications, qualities or experience would you bring to the position?
I have lived in the Town of Ossipee since I was eight years old. I served six years as a military police officer in the USAR, and nearly 23 years with the Ossipee Police Dept, 17 of those years as Chief. I retired in 2008 and now am a self-employed contractor. I am very familiar with all aspects of Town Government. I have good established relations with all the Department heads, and I know the employees and they know and trust me. I live in the same home that I purchased when I was eighteen years old, and between my wife and I we have six children and two grandchildren. I know what its like to struggle  and raise a family in this area.

What do you consider three major challenges the Town is facing?
1. The proposal to consolidate the fire departments. 2. Taxes and control of spending 3. Economic development to create jobs and better living for our residents.

What would you do to address these challenges?

1. I served on the fire department for 13 years and was an elected precinct commissioner in Center Ossipee for six years. I have knowledge of both which I believe will be helpful. I have an open mind on the subject. I am especially committed that we must decide what is best for the delivery of fire and rescue services to our residents. You can always cut budgets, but at what cost to service. I also believe that the men and women who have served our town for 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years should not be vilified. They deserve our admiration and thanks.

2. I am a fiscal conservative. The residents appropriate the funds at Town meeting. I as a selectman will do my best to spend those funds wisely and get the best bang for the buck. I believe in competitive bidding and I would like to establish a program to challenge and reward the Town employees for finding ways to save money. I am very concerned about the increasing taxes and fees, especially the impact it has on the elderly and fixed income residents. 3. I know having grown up here that there are very limited job opportunities for our young people. I would like to see the selectmen work closely with the planning and zoning boards to encourage clean commercial development.

Have you held political office before?
In addition to those items above, I started the Town’s fishing derby and ran it for more than 20 years. I was a founding member of the Old Home Week committee a and served as chairman or co chairman for most of its years. Until last year I ran the fireworks celebration at Constitution Park. I am a past member of the board of directors of OCC, Chairman of the Rescue advisory board, and have served on many other committees and fund raisers.

Please provide any additional information you wish to share with voters.
I have no intention of buying political signs to litter people’s lawns. Kathleen and I are both pretty well known and no matter who you choose, I encourage all citizens to exercise their right and vote.

Kathleen Maloney, Incumbent
Ossipee Board of Selectmen

Why are you running for this office?
I am running because I care about our town.

What do you consider the three major challenges your town or district is facing?
The three challenges are the economy, employment and the environment. The entire country is in an economic downturn. It is my hope that more businesses choose Ossipee as a base for their companies and that would provide employment opportunities for our citizens.

What would you do to address these challenges if you are elected?
Presently Ossipee Lake is experiencing a milfoil infestation. Hand pulling has proven to be a costly yet ineffective method of eradication. The state has submitted a plan yet it appears to have changes midstream. I believe more evidence needs to be examined thoroughly before our beautiful lake is uninhabitable for fish and fauna.

Have you held political office before?
I am currently the board of selectmen chair and have served since 2007. I served on the budget committee from 2006 to 2007.

Please provide any additional information you wish to share with voters.
Ossipee Old Home Week committee chair; NRRA member; Phi Theta Kappa Society; US Navy, Inactive Reserve, Nurse Corps Officer; VFW Auxiliary; Volunteer with Civilian Emergency Response; St. Joseph’s Catholic Church; Ossipee Ad Hoc Energy Committee; Educational background includes New Hampshire Hospital School of Nursing and Selectman’s Institute 2008. My husband is active duty in the Navy, and we have three children, two in college and one senior in high school.

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  1. Aaron W. 14 years ago March 1, 2010

    I’m voting for Morgan. I continue to be disappointed in how our Selectman Meetings are run, especially under the current chair. The Right to Know law continues to be ignored and this Board, like ones before it, spend to much time behind closed doors without ever properly going into executive session, and never divulging the reasons they continually hide behind closed doors. I think Mr. Morgan knows this, and as a career law enforcement officer will ensurethat the Board follows all State laws. Maloney has been a huge disappointment not only to me, but to the many residents in Town that I chat politics with. Good luck Chief, you have me and many more in your corner!


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