Smart Report: Now is the Time to Stake the 410′ Mark

Freedom — April 4, 2010 — The area was covered with a new, two day rain event of several inches that started Monday morning, March 29th.  Lake level got down to less than 409′ that day.

Within three days the level was up to 411.45′ by the end of April Fool’s Day, and then started to retreat.  As of Saturday evening it is down to 410.5′.

Sunday noon should be a good time to put the 410′ stakes in the ground and marks on objects.


  1. Don MacLeod 14 years ago April 5, 2010

    What I think is true, from a cryptic memory of a closure discussion, is that it is the property owner’s obligation to correct errors. The current State position would be the 410 foot number is not a mistake. So the potential for error would first seem to be on the property card’s recorded lot size.

    Most property is measured from the road front. Your plot plan should show a measured distance from the road to the shore. Hopefully, you’re lucky and it is an easy straight line. If you measure the distance from the road front to the 410 foot high water stake on your property line it should match, or be close enough to, the number on your plot plan.

    If you then run a line between the 410 waterfront stakes you can get an better picture of the 410 water contour onto your property.

  2. Dave 14 years ago April 5, 2010

    The height at the dam is not the same as the rest of the lake. If the lake were dead level it would not flow. You need an altimeter to measure altitude above sea level which is what you are trying to do. If you want to give good information you need to have good information!

  3. Gordie Vandenburg 14 years ago April 5, 2010

    Dave, I believe the lake is measured by the NHDES at Westward Shores campground on the main lake, far from the dam.
    The 410 water mark should be quite the eye opener for a lot of property owners.

  4. freedom resident 14 years ago April 6, 2010

    If the state continues to hold to the 410′ rule, would they not be responsible to replace damaged retaining walls, etc.? It might make them reconsider their position, especially with the lack of documents in the first place.


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