The Calendar Says Spring…

Moultonborough — April 17, 2010 — Snow fell on blooming flowers in parts of the state Friday, with some areas getting as much as 2 inches of snow.

Rain and snow will continue through Saturday. The reminder of winter coming in the middle of April was tough for some residents to swallow.

“Well, I’m getting kind of sick of it right now,” said Al Hayward, of Freedom, N.H. “We had it all morning, and I think that’s enough.”

“Oh my God. I hate the snow,” said Joslynn Bunnell, of Ossipee, N.H. “It’s horrible. I want it to go away.”

But some took it more in stride.

“I don’t mind it,” said Dana Merrow, of Ossipee. “I’ve been here quite a while.”

The snow arrived just in time for the last weekend of skiing at Wildcat Mountain.

“The cover’s pretty good, and there’s about 4 inches of new snow at the summit today,” said Tom Caughey of Wildcat Mountain.

[Photo from Ossipee Lake Webcam]

A few days ago, temperatures were in the 70s. In Conway, the Highway Department already started taking the snowplows of its trucks, but road conditions didn’t get bad.

“We could get by if we had to,” said Tim Shackford of the Highway Department. “Hopefully, it just stays rain.”

More snow is possible in the mountains over the weekend. By Monday and Tuesday, temperatures should be back in the 50s.

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  1. Don 14 years ago April 17, 2010

    I bet the black flies (that were starting to show up last week) don’t like the snow very much.
    I’d trade two weeks of snow for no black flies any day, as long as it’s not plowable snow that is.

  2. Cathie 14 years ago April 17, 2010

    My mother always called this “poor man’s manure!”. It won’t last long but will provide moisture to the spring flowers! Hang in there!


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