Bears are Afoot

Freedom — May 19, 2010 — Recent bear sightings on Berry Bay are a reminder that the animals are hungry and on the move at this time of year. The most recent sighting was reported last night on Berry Bay in Freedom when West Bay Road residents Allan and Gale Riley said they spotted a black bear, which they described as “huge,” in their front yard around 8:30 p.m.

The bear wandered around the property before heading toward the woods, the couple said in an email alerting their neighbors.

The Rileys said their bird feeder had been hit, presumably by a bear, the previous week, and that a PSNH meter reader had recently spotted a bear in the vicinity.

Specialists say bears are very active at this time of year and freely roam the lake area because there is so little human activity. Bears ordinarily shun contact with humans.

Since bears are especially attracted to bird feeders, residents are advised to remove them until later in the season when the animals retreat further into the woods as more people populate the lake.

Freedom authorities and N.H. Fish & Game have been advised about the recent sightings. If you spot a bear in your part of the lake, please file a report with your local police department.


  1. Blair Folts 14 years ago May 19, 2010

    This note is another good reminder about the need to bring in our bird feeders this time of year. Bears wake up hungry and are looking for protein. In order to not tempt them to our homes we need to all bring in our bird feeders for the winter! What a fun sighting you have had!

  2. Jim Shuff 14 years ago May 19, 2010

    Unfortunately, to many people have grown up with Yogi Bear and Boo Boo! The ones around here are not cartoon characters but wild animals. Years ago in Maine, a Foreign Exchange student decide to walk and pat Bullwinkle. He is now looking at the roots instead of the blades of grass. They are phenominal animals to look at but they are animals and wild.

  3. George W. 14 years ago May 19, 2010

    The joke around West Ossipee is that the bears at Westward Shores are starving. Seems the bankruptcy crew over there couldn’t afford the dumpsters this year so the poor bears have no where to eat. Unfortunately that means a lot more illegal dumping from desperate campers as they travel up and down Nichols Road! That darn Chaz!!!

  4. Lou Bartley 14 years ago May 28, 2010

    The joke in westward shores is people like george w take for granted that us so called desperate campers are the ones that do the illegal dumping on Nichols road . Fact is we have plenty of dumpsters in a fenced in area right at the exit gate that we all use thanks to the staff at our campground. It would only make sense that the illegal dumping is being done by desperate (people) that don,t have access to a dumpster George.


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