Reminder: Public Meeting on Ossipee Lake’s “410 Rule” this Saturday

Freedom – August 11, 2010 – This is a reminder that there will be a public meeting on Ossipee Lake’s “410 Rule” this Saturday, August 14, at 9 a.m. in Ossipee Town Hall. There will be coffee on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 8:30.

This is the only scheduled public meeting this year on DES’ controversial interpretation of how much Ossipee Lake shorefront property is owned by the state as part of its common law ownership of lakes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from state and local officials and ask questions in a public forum.

Here is the link to last week’s article about the meeting:


  1. atony 14 years ago August 17, 2010

    can anyone comment on the meeting who went? did the des do a good job of explaining how the land owner can keep paying taxes on property the state says they own????

  2. Don MacLeod 14 years ago August 17, 2010

    My read was that the State has the 410 number. They are mindlessly assuming some process went into that number but have no clue as to what that process might have been. So they are diddling around looking for an overly involved process to justify changing the 410 number. They’ll conveniently complete their effort sometime after everyone pays their taxes. The Towns perhaps better understand the jeopardy local property tax revenue faces. Certainly I got the impression that the towns expect to see a much more realistic, workable and common sense number. What makes the best sense is that the open dam natural high flow number was meant to be 401 but a transposing era gave us 410. The managed summer mean is meant to be 406. An extra foot of remedial rock navigation forgiveness was later added. The State should just go with 406 and be done with this foolishness..

  3. F. L. Less 14 years ago August 17, 2010

    Here’s a tip atony. Keep putting the money in the bank because regardless of the outcome you are not going to be relieved of any of the taxes you owe. Bottom line? Whatever the arbitrary number decided, you know you excercised full control and enjoyment over the property you were taxed on. You remind me of a fellow that once said to me “the only fair tax is the tax the other guy pays”. This is one “inland” property owner getting a hell of a good chuckle reading these threads!

  4. Ossipee Lake 14 years ago August 17, 2010

    Look for a complete story on the meeting later this week.


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