The Smart Report: December 7, 2010

Freedom — December 7, 2010 — So far this fall, just a trace of snow and only one rain event worth talking about. Last year we had several small rain events that resulted in a lake level of 408′ on 12/5. Then on 12/9 we had a 10″ snowstorm, but only skin ice on the lake. By Christmas Day there was a covering of ice on most of the lake and bays but not thick enough for travel. Water level was back down to 405′ where it remained for a few days until the January 2010 thaw.

Rain in November 2010 brought the water level up near 407′. With dry weather and both sides of the dam wide open the level got down to 405.5 ft. (one foot above normal winter low point). Then, the night of December 1 we had a wide-spread rainstorm measuring 1″ at the lake and 1.5″ further west. Result was to bring the lake level back up by 2′ in two days to a level just over the 407.25 summer level.

The N.H. State online report for the last two days is in error. We did not experience the 9″ rise they are reporting for Monday. With no rain since last Wednesday and no real rain in the forecast we can expect the level to drop as much as 3″ per day, which will result in reaching the winter low of 404.5′ by New Year’s Day.

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