Controversial Mean High Water Benchmark to be Lowered

Ossipee — April 17, 2011 — A bill to lower the natural mean high water benchmark for Ossipee Lake was approved by the New Hampshire Senate last week and will take effect in 60 days. The bill, HB278, lowers the benchmark from 410 ft. above sea level to 407.25 ft. The benchmark establishes how much of the lake’s shoreline is owned by the state as part of its ownership of the lake itself.

State Senator Jeb Bradley joined State Representatives McConkey, Merrow and Babson in sponsoring the bill, which was introduced in January and had the support of the Freedom and Ossipee Select Boards, Ossipee Lake Alliance, and the N.H. Lakes Association.

We will have additional information on passage of the bill and its impact in the coming days.


  1. Jim Shuff 13 years ago April 17, 2011

    Isn’t it amazing what happens when people with common sense, instead of those with agenda’s, are elected. Now, let’s go for repealing the speed limits and enforce improper and dangerous operation of all water crafts. I hope to see a form of identification required in order to vote as well. I.D.’s are required to buy booze and cigarette’s why not to vote. I have not owned a boat for a number of years but I did from when I was six to forty-six, about twenty years ago.

  2. Steve Foley 13 years ago April 17, 2011

    When good people gather for a common cause for justice great things happen. Now, if only the Ossipee Bluffs Association could get their act together after some 22 years of battling the Lee case, maybe going public to save Bradford Cove they too might see some glimmer of hope for remediation.

  3. gordon taylor 13 years ago April 17, 2011

    woohoo! Now some of us might actually own some of our land. How crazy is that???

  4. R. Cherwek 13 years ago April 17, 2011

    What happened to the 406 foot level that would prevent considerable land erosion due to boat wake action which is were I believe the lake level used to be ?

  5. freedom resident 13 years ago April 18, 2011

    Cograts to all who participated in correcting this matter.

  6. Tom 13 years ago April 23, 2011

    To Mr Cherwick. If you research the subject a bit you will find that this issue has absolutely nothing to do with the level at which the lake is maintained.



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