N.H. House Rejects Boat Speed Limit Increase on Winnipesaukee

Concord — May 19, 2011 — There will be no increase in the boat speed limit in the Broads section of Lake Winnipesaukee. In a vote yesterday, the N.H. House of Representatives agreed with the Transportation Committee’s recommendation that the speed limit increase bill, SB-27, was inexpedient to legislate.

The vote to kill the bill was 276-75. Local State Representatives Dave Babson and Mark McConkey voted with the majority and Harry Merrow voted with the minority on the issue. The bill had earlier passed the Senate by a slim majority with local State Senator Jeb Bradley voting against the speed limit increase.

With the demise of the bill, the lake-wide boat speed limit on Lake Winnipesaukee will remain 45 mph during the day and 30 mph at night.


  1. Lupa Gunt 13 years ago May 19, 2011

    Thank God those with brains, good judgment and safety for all prevailed.

  2. Jim Shuff 13 years ago May 19, 2011

    This is just another example of th nanny state that we are creating. This speed limit is absolutely an infringement on people’s rights. I have not owned a boat since 1995 ane it would not have been able to exceed this stupid speed limit. Unfottunately, there will always be those who will be a problem but the responsible people should not be punished for those idiots who would foul up most anything they were involved in. Just look at out politicians if you want a good example of that, except Harry Merrow. The biggest problem is that folks can just go out and buy a Formula boat and have no idea how to handle it. They are a risk in a rowboat.

  3. atony 13 years ago May 25, 2011

    In your obvious gratitude towards the House’s decision you forgot about one tiny tidbit. Those individuals who boat under the influence during the day or during the night will continue to do so. Those individuals who drive recklessly and irresponsibly will also continue to do so. Lowering the speed limit accomplished only one thing and that was slowing down the already responsible boaters.
    Those of you who continue to support governments restriction of your rights and intrusion in your lives may one day find that a right you actually care about will itself be restricted or even denied.
    Responsible behavior is not something that can be legislated. It comes, in part, from good parents bringing up responsible children.


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