Lazy Susan’s Restaurant Will Close

Ossipee — September 15, 2011 — In a letter to the Conway Daily Sun, Lazy Susan Restaurant owners David and Susan Dube have announced they will close their doors on September 18. The following is their letter:

To the editor: It is with saddened hearts we announce the closing of Lazy Susan’s Restaurant in Center Ossipee as of Sept. 18.

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers of eight and one half years for their loyalty, regardless of seasonal or local residents. As we have been telling our story, many tears have been shed. Thank you to all the small and large businesses that helped maintain our quality of operations and service to our customers. Our great staff will stay by us to the closing date, and special thanks to all who have worked for us, especially the last crew of this summer.

We have always felt a part of the surrounding communities, including our neighboring Maine. Thanks to all who were involved with our Chef’s Pants Off fund-raisers and the displaying of the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall.

What a great run, but it is what it is and again, thanks!

David and Susan Dube


  1. AJ 13 years ago September 16, 2011

    Semper Fi and good luck!

  2. Bill 13 years ago September 16, 2011

    Thank you for the quality of food you brought to the area.
    You and your staff will be missed.
    Good luck and best wishes to both of you.
    Bill, Ann and family.

  3. Dina 13 years ago September 16, 2011

    So sorry to see Lazy Susan’s close!
    Two more recent victims of the economy.
    Lazy Susan’s & Freedom Hardware.
    You will both be missed.
    Dina & Dennis xxx

  4. Charlie Tuna 13 years ago September 16, 2011

    While it is a shame that a business had to close, this place was way overpriced for the location & amount of food portioned out with each meal. No surprise to me that they finally went belly up. Hopefully someone else will move in/take over that offers reasonable portions at realistic prices for the area!

  5. Carla and Duncan 13 years ago September 16, 2011

    We are so sorry to see this happen. Your closing leaves a hole in our hearts and in the community. Best of luck to you in the future!

  6. freedom resident 13 years ago September 17, 2011

    Our family always enjoyed the food, the reasonable prices and the friendliness of the staff. Good luck to David and Susan.

  7. Charlie Tuna 13 years ago September 18, 2011

    Not to pick a fight with you Freedom Resident, but if the proprietors offered friendly service at reasonable prices then they would still be serving breakfast this morning. The truth be told there are a number of restaraunts in the immediate area offering friendly service at a much more reasonable price, hence in this tight economy patrons voted with their feet. Economics 101!

  8. ken 13 years ago September 18, 2011

    ahhhhh…charlie tuna…doesn’t sound like a real name, so I guess your opinion is about as real as your ficticious anon. Susans was a well respected local eatery that did more for the community than many knew. charlie, you probably not being a veteran wouldn’t have noticed. Employed locals, and were willing to use their real names. Move on many more establishments to throw your highly educated and well thought out opinions on. Oh, and chuckles, they did serve breakfast on the morn of Sept. 18th. Fortunately not to you. Psychology 102!

  9. Charlie Tuna 13 years ago September 18, 2011

    Now Ken, that isn’t fair or nice. Hopefully with your attitude you were not an employee there. No one denies the restaraunt was always spotlessly clean and tidy to a military degree, obvious do to the owner’s USMC heritage. And the food was always good and portions ample. But the prices were too high for the area, and all of us patrons knew it and many of us chose to eat elsewhere, hence the unfortunate demise of this establishment. I myself long ago moved on to the Over Easy for a quick and cheap breakfast, or my other new favorite Mountain View Station. As a matter of fact I can brunch on Sundays at the Whittier for what a regular breakfast was costing me at the Lazy S. I just hope you have as easy and as good luck as I did when I simply opened my eyes and acknowledged the better values right below my nose! Bon Apetite!

  10. Augie S 13 years ago September 19, 2011

    Sorry to see them go. The owners were terrific and it was obvious they poured their hearts into running a great place. Can’t fight a prolonged bad business environment. Would everyone agree though that some of the waitresses could be a bit angry? Not a big deal but something owners of any small business with fierce competition that deals with the public should keep in mind.

  11. Local Guy 13 years ago September 19, 2011

    Nice People, super clean,great waitresses but not a real good idea of how to be a short order cook. Chefs credentials,but come on canned chowder and bagged home fries. A good breakfast place needs a signature and this place didn’t have one but charged top dollar. To bad but maybe a good short order cook can make it go, all be it a tough time. You can’t expect a family of four to spend 60 bucks for breakfast when you can get it down the road for 24. A vacationer may have to but you need the local guy to survive.. Sad but true..

  12. Charlie Tuna 13 years ago September 19, 2011

    Well said Local Guy, you touched on a few points that I avoided. For the prices charged one would have expected all food to have been “made from scratch”, not fresh from the can opener or straight out of the freezer. Hopfully the next owners are a little more “home” spun!

  13. I Ben Rieten 13 years ago September 20, 2011

    Semper Fi, all this time I thought he was saying Zip your fly

  14. Rick 13 years ago September 21, 2011

    I hadn’t gotten to eat at the Lazy Susan before it closed, but my brother had eaten there a couple of times and said the food and service was great.

    This terrible economy claims another victim. And someone mentioned that Freedom Hardware was also going out of business. I hadn’t even heard that, and hope it’s not true.

    Very sad…

  15. atony 13 years ago September 23, 2011


    Where are the Over Easy and Mountain View Station located??


  16. Charlie Tuna 13 years ago September 23, 2011

    Mountain View Station is right on Main Street in the middle of town in Ossipee right alongside the tracks/snowmobile trail Corridor 19. Over Easy is right on Route 16 in West Ossipee at the M & V gas station/store…also right by the railroad tracks and snowmobile trail! Both places offer great food at good prices, most or all is made from scratch and its where you’ll find many of us local yocals!


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