The Smart Report: Ups and Downs

Freedom — October 17, 2011 — We are experiencing the usual ups and downs of fall at Ossipee Lake. You should have been here Columbus Day weekend. Temperature in the 80’s, no rain and lake level almost a foot over summer plan. There were a few boats on the lake but most docks were out; and except for Rt. 16 South on Saturday there was not much activity. Rt. 16 S was bumper to bumper most of the day. Color was at peak level later in the week.

The water level was down to 407.25′ on 10/1 and one south-side gate was opened plus a layer of north-side stop logs was removed in anticipation of rain later that week.  The rain came and by 10/4 water level was up to 408.8′ – almost 1.5 ft. in 4 days.

With no rain and a flow equal to all five south-side gates being open, the level came down to summer plan in seven days (10/11). Four days later the level was down to 406.55′ and it looked like we were on schedule for the winter drawdown scheduled to start 10/10.

More rain was predicted for the 14th (and we got it) so all gates were opened and it looks like all stop logs were removed on the 13th. Net result is that lake level went up 1.2 ft. to 407.73′ by last evening in a time span of less than three days.

Prediction is for dry weather until Wednesday, and then more rain for a day – no idea how much. There is no way short of an earthquake to drain more water out of the lake, so we will ride the ups and downs until ______ freezes over in December.

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  1. C. McLeod 12 years ago October 17, 2011

    Thanks for the information.
    We appreciate your reports.


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