The Smart Report: Where’s the Ice?

Freedom — December 4, 2011 — Starting with Columbus Day, the fall and early winter have been warm with some rain and two snowfalls (7″ on 11/12 and 10″ on 11/23). There are small piles of snow in shaded areas and where the plow trucks have worked. No frost in the ground.

Lake level was down below 406′ by November 30th, and then we had a strong rainstorm that evening. It melted Wednesday’s snow and raised the lake 1.5′ in three days. Plan for this time of year is 405.5′ for December 1st and 404.5′ by end of the month.

Looking back over records of the last few years there has almost always been ice on Broad Bay by this time of the year. Water levels have been:

– The 2008 level was 407.9′ with full ice cover
– The 2009 level was 408.0′ with skin ice (couldn’t  do test bores at the dam until January)
– The 2010 level was 407.8′ with no ice

As for activities in Freedom, holiday decorations are being set up. The month is filling with concerts and other events. We had the first planning meeting for the 2012 Old Home Week in Freedom. Ducky race will be June 30th. Parade and cardboard boat race on August 4th and other events from August 3 – 12.

Work on the Mill Pond firehouse has been completed, and work continues on the Village Road Fire House/Police Station with completion in January.

I am almost ready for my “Long Winter’s Nap”!

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