Former Firefighter Indicted on Arson Charges

Ossipee — January 17, 2012 — A former Madison firefighter has been indicted on five felony-level arson charges in Carroll County Superior Court. On January 6th, the grand jury handed down indictments against John Robert Colcord, 18, of 21 Young Road in Eaton. An indictment means the grand jury found enough evidence to bring the case to trial.

Colcord was indicted on three counts of class-A felony arson. Each class-A felony carries a sentence of more than seven years in prison.

The class-A felony arson charges allege Colcord set fire to a farm house with an attached barn and shed at 22 Glines Hill Road in Eaton on June 26 or 27, a seasonal home at 162 Watson Hill Road in Freedom on June 27, and a seasonal cabin at 318 Page Hill Road in Tamworth on June 8.

Colcord was indicted on two counts of class-B felony arson for allegedly setting fire to a two-story barn and a one-story barn at 192 Mooney Hill Road in Madison, and a one-story storage structure owned by Purity Springs Resort at 1515 Eaton Road in Madison on June 22. The class-B felony carries a prison sentence of 3 1/2 to 7 years.

The more serious class-A felony charges were filed for properties that had accommodations for people to sleep overnight.

Colcord was indicted on six misdemeanor arson charges for allegedly setting fires on land owned by the Nature Conservancy and Purity Springs Resort property.

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